Uber to Test Food Delivery "uberFresh"

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"uberFresh" Delivery in Santa Monica

Well Santa Monica, today, Tuesday August 26th thru Friday September 5th, Uber services will add “uberFresh” a food delivery service to its customers.

Uber, the controversial ride share system that has encroached on Taxis territories in major cities, is now trying to add a lunch delivery service to its services. It has also recently started its same day grocery delivery services to rival Amazon (AMZN) and Google (GOOG) .

The trials of this new service in Santa Monica may just be another marketing ploy to an already media hungry company. Controversy has followed this companies path to growth and to ride share domination.

The services is stated as a free deliver service that will be delivered in an hour but, many restaurants do have their own delivery cars and vehicles for delivery purposes

It will be interesting to see if in the car congested area of Santa Monica whether this service will really appeal. 

Limited "uberFresh” Items


Some of the restaurants that have signed up to the service include Tender Greens, 41 Ocean, Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery, and Cookie Good.

The menu choices are not a full menus list and the fee of each item is $12.

This means you can’t just call any restaurant and order whatever you like, you must have the uber app and choose the selection from a limited menu.

Uber Problem Solving?

I can’t see this as a real problem solving idea like Ubers’ blog boasts; I think is a gimmick to entice people to become lazier. Really, there are delivery vehicles from restaurants. What happens if the delivery driver is hungry and decides my mashed potatoes are just too delicious to waste on me?

It's not problem solving; it's just adding a service that already exists. Convenient! Yes, it can be seen as that, but not something to pound on their chest about.

I would rather have the deliver guy show up from the restaurant as he is accountable for the food and for the delivery. The driver does not leave his car so you will have to get up off your chair and go get it. Seems less convenient if you read the small print.  

You don’t have to tip the driver which may be good for the thrifty foodies.


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