Trading Out of the Shkreli Mess (KBIOQ)

Steve Kanaval  |

When you add the dreaded "Q" to the end of your stock symbol it is not considered a good day. In fact it's a really bad day, and if you were silly enough on November 12th to jump into KalosBios (KBIO) with its new CEO Martin Shkreli you paid around $20 for shares.

Some cloudy thinking about taking a little Thanksgiving Biotech Potshot here and then thought, what is the worst that could happen? What was the real downside? In fact, through Holiday dinner you had yourself a winner as shares topped $39! Yessssssss!!!!!!

Forward to December 17th when Shkreli was arrested by the FBI at his apartment in New York and charged with fraud, your shares were halted at $23.59. Little did you know that when they resumed on January 13th, nearly a full month passing by, the stock would open at $1.02 down 95% from the halt.

Shares are trading now under symbol KalosBios (KBIOQ) at $3.25 per share and are listed on the pink sheets, which is an exchange that does not require filing. It seems Martin Shkreli landed right where he should have - between the pink sheets. It seems a logical place for the most hated man in America.

Flash forward to today, now you are trading on a different exchange (not Nasdaq because they delisted them) and things are much less orderly, and, in fact, the stock lacks the liquidity to exit for a position of any size. You are in the midst of cleaning up your fools errand and the Martin Shkreli mess you created for yourself. Again, you chastise yourself knowing you could have easily been long a Bitcoin.

Say goodbye to the old ways and say hello to the new!

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