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Toyota Unveils New Lexus and Mirai Sedans With Advanced Driver Assist Technology

Toyota's "Advanced Drive" technology helps drivers execute lane changes, stay in their lane and hold a safe following distance from other vehicles.

Video source: YouTube, Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM - $136.65 0.37 (0.271%)  ) unveiled new models of its Lexus LS and Toyota Mirai sedans that come equipped with advanced driver assist technology.

On Thursday, the Japanese carmaker announced it is rolling out “Advanced Drive,” a Level-2 rated driver assist technology meant for use on highways. 

Through a combination of sensors, cameras and integrated technology, the capability can help drivers execute lane changes, stay in their lane and hold a safe following distance from other vehicles.

The feature is available in the new Lexus LS luxury sedan that went on sale Thursday. The LS starts at 16.3 million yen ($148,628). It will also be built into the second-generation Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car, which will debut on April 12, starting at 8.4 million yen ($76,593).

James Kuffner, chief executive officer of Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD), said the new Lexus and Mirai models are its first products brought to market that provide over-the-air software updates and use artificial intelligence technology. 

“This is really an important first step in our journey towards software-first development,” said Kuffner, who added that eventually, software features on cars will be “upgradable” and “more customizable.”

Toyota’s announcement comes as more car companies seek to develop self-driving and connected vehicles.

Last month, Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC - $25.70 0.17 (0.642%)  ) unveiled a partially self-driving sedan in Japan, becoming the world’s first carmaker to sell a vehicle equipped with new, certified Level-3 automation technology. 

General Motors Company (NYSE: GM - $33.71 0.27 (0.801%)  ) created buzz earlier this year when it revealed its fully-autonomous all-electric flying concept car. 


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