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Top 20 ICO Sites to Bookmark

These 20 sites will point you in the right direction for ICO investing.

The growing ICO landscape offers an abundance of opportunities for investment, but deciding when and where to begin is overwhelming; especially if you have very little context of the space.

To support the growing interest from individuals across the globe, ICO sites — including sites dedicated to reviews and listings — are constantly arising. So if you’re looking for tips on how to get started with ICO investing or simply want to learn more about the upcoming coin offerings, these 20 sites will point you in the right direction:

  1. ICO Reports – ICO Reports is a complete list of resources built for a wide range of crypto audiences, spanning rookies to enthusiasts. Their listing base is complete with ICO information and reviews.
  2. ICO Charts – For any investor who wants quick insights on the most promising upcoming coin offerings, ICO Charts’ Shortlist section narrows down projects the site’s analysts believe have a strong shot at success and long-term market disruption.
  3. ICOMarketData – When it comes to understanding the right ICO opportunities to invest in, potential buyers need to have as much information as possible. ICOMarketData’s thorough listings are complete with their team’s proprietary analysis of the team, product, token economics, and media presence.
  4. CoinMarketPlus – CoinMarketPlus’s site is divided into three sections: live, upcoming, and ended ICOs. These clear-cut divisions make it easy for potential buyers to track the progress of sales and gauge whether or not they want to invest in current offerings.
  5. CrushCrypto– CrushCrypto’s site is replete with full analyses and reviews of upcoming coin offerings. In addition to providing basic product and team background information, CrushCrypto also gives their opinions on the viability of the product and token specifications behind listed projects.
  6. ICO Ranker– ICO Ranker’s in-depth coin offering lists are supplemented by the site’s own review of each sale. The composite reviews are based on their analysis of the team, product, and feasibility of a project.
  7. icoSource is dedicated to only listing the coin offerings they feel are worthy of someone’s investment. Each listed project includes background information about the team, purpose of the product and, when applicable, reviews and bounty listing information.
  8. – With a sleek and intuitive design, Coinist is a streamlined resource for anyone looking to discover new ICO opportunities or track the progress and performance of current offerings.
  9. ICODrops – If you’re new to the ICO world, then “bounty” is a word you should familiarize yourself with. Many up-and-coming projects integrate bounty opportunities, which allow interested supporters to offer up their marketing services and expertise in exchange for coins. In addition to ICO listings, ICODrops also maintains a list of bounty opportunities.
  10. ICO Alert – ICO Alert brings the latest coin and coin offering activity directly to your inbox. Through their Alert feature, subscribers can opt in to receive an updated list of the latest coin offering announcements.
  11. ICO Watchlist – For potential investors interested in keeping tabs on the progress and timelines of active and imminent token offerings, ICO Watchlist includes a sale countdown and timeline bar to help potential and committed investors keep track of important dates.
  12. ICObench – While some sites stick to reviews conducted by internal team members, ICObench branches out and taps into experts from a wide array of fields. From this site, visitors can see how individuals ranging from ICO investors to investment analysts rank the feasibility of a project.
  13. CoinSchedule – Coinschedule is a renown coin offering resource dedicated to helping new investors navigate the tricky terrain of coin offerings, as well as token entrepreneurs to better understand the ebbs and flows of the market.
  14. ICOMap– Regional ICO activity is put on display on ICOMap’s site. The listing site features a global map that makes it easy to track the latest ICO listings from countries around the globe.
  15. ListICO – For anyone looking for an immediate investment opportunity, ListICO features a “Time Done” progress bar on each listing to allow visitors to see how much time remains for each coin offering.
  16. Top ICO List – Like other listing sites, Top ICO List allows site visitors to easily learn more about current and future ICOs. In addition to these categories, the site also includes information about Pre-ICOs and Airdrops, which are projects that offer currency in exchange for tasks.
  17. ICObazaar – Other than just a listing site, ICObazaar features a proprietary rating methodology to help potential buyers assess which listings are right for them. The ratings are based on the project idea, team, media, technical implementation and website.
  18. ICO Hot List- The team behind ICO Hot List is dedicated to serving the right mix of content to help site visitors assess the risks of investing in upcoming ICOs. The site’s review methodology is based on technology, project maturity, idea viability, hype, team members, and more.
  19. ICOQuest – The site’s list includes concise project descriptions and offering details. With links to external profiles and social accounts, ICOQuest is a complete jumping off point for hopeful investors looking to start their ICO research.
  20. – Even investors with the best of intentions slip up and miss important dates. Bitsify’s calendar integration feature ensures that no ICO ever slips off an investor’s radar. Site visitors can opt in and sync their Google Calendars with specific ICO project commencement dates.
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