​This Startup is Using A.I. to Give You Exactly What You Want

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The internet has been with us for decades now, but as anybody who regularly uses online analytics to address customer engagement can tell you, we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to connecting with users and engaging customers. That’s the impetus behind the strategy of Apollo Enterprise Solutions. Their products like PsyBuild Suite and True Suite are designed to improve the customer experience across various sectors and on a variety digital platforms.

“The customer experience is all about you, the personalization of who you are,” said Joseph Konowiecki in a recent interview with Equities.com broadcast contributor Silvia Davi. Konowiecki explains that the goal at Apollo Enterprise Solutions is to “try to present offers to an individual that are based on who he or she is, including where they live, cultural preferences, etc. and combine that with their financial picture,” in order to motivate them to take action online.

So how did Apollo Enterprise Solutions come to be? “We started in financial,” Konowiecki says. ”Banks had a lot of issues with payments. Banks have a lot of issues with selling products, and so we started in that sector, and we’ve migrated now to healthcare. Healthcare is 17% of our GDP in the United States and growing, and every year, there’s a decision to be made by individuals: Do I reenroll? Should I move insurers? What kind of plan do I want?, etc. And we think it’s ripe for our type of technology to give people those tools, so they can make those decisions online.”

Recently, much has been written about artificial intelligence as the near future of tech advancements. So, does this pose a threat to the work of Apollo Enterprise Solutions? Quite the contrary, as Konowiecki explains it. “We use artificial intelligence to emulate the thinking of a brain,” Konowiecki says. “We are motivated in our decision-making process, and we make those decisions entirely on emotion. So we use phraseology and emotion to connect to people and create cohorts around them to emulate that brain working. It’s definitely under artificial intelligence.”

Konowiecki explains that at Apollo Enterprise Solutions, “we can apply what we call psychographic conversion technology in any sector. It applies in retail, it applies... in healthcare and finance. But it also applies in things like student loans, where you have a default rate of almost 43%, and to give these young people the tools they need online in a safe, nurturing, caring environment - in the privacy of their own home, or wherever they might be - to allow them to do what they want to do. They all want to take care of their obligations, so you can leverage that in countries across the world in multiple sectors.”

The inherent value of the tech at Apollo Enterprise Solutions is readily apparent. Yet, perhaps just as important is their robust patent portfolio, allowing them to protect the value of their IP for years to come. “We have 57 patents filed worldwide - 28 of which have already been issued, or to be issued in all the major financial centers in the world,” says Konowiecki. “We feel very bullish about our ability to obtain patents and create that proprietary aspect to our system.”

Currently, Apollo Enterprise Solutions can be found listed on exchanges overseas, and while there are certainly many obvious advantages for a startup company to list publicly, Konowiecki explains that the reasons for his firm to do so may not be quite what you’d expect. “People think the only reason to list is to obtain money, right? But, that was just part of it. What we want to do is also to create transparency.” Konowiecki says. “To allow people to understand that we’re a compliant company that files quarterly, that files audited statements, that reports on a quarterly basis. We’re primarily listed through Bermuda, and we’re dual-listed in Frankfurt.”

Konowiecki’s success working with companies in such varied sectors at Apollo Enterprise Solutions should perhaps come as no surprise - he brings with him a great deal of varied experience prior to getting involved in the company. “When I was associated with a major company in the healthcare space, I oversaw, as part of an executive group, the operations of the company,” Konowiecki says. “And IT always intrigued me, because companies create homegrown systems, and we had that same challenge. So, I learned how to create what I would call a leverageable and modifiable system.”

“When I left healthcare for a brief period, I looked for companies to get involved with, and that’s what intrigued me about Apollo Enterprise Solutions. It’s such a unique technology that can bring so much benefit to consumers worldwide. So I adapted and went aboard.”

So, considering his diverse experience, what opportunities for growth does Konowiecki see outside of healthcare? “Definitely retail. The issue with retail of course; as systems become faster and prettier, the conversion rates are actually going down. So we think it’s ripe for us to get involved in the retail space as well. Our technology would turn that around on behalf of enterprises.”

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