This is a Wireless World We Live In; Just Ask Edgewater Wireless (YFI.V)

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The world we live in today is as connected as it has ever been, but with connectivity, wires and cables are often associated and we hate wires and cables… So, we want to be as plugged into everything as humanly possibly without the plugs. Make sense? Of course it makes sense, especially to companies like Edgewater Wireless Systems (YFI), which offer a broad range of advanced products in the fields of multi-channel wireless and wired data communication.

Fantasizing about a completely wireless world is a bit much, but this is definitely an industry with robust growth potential considering a majority of the world’s population is just coming up the technology curve. I remember the days of a two hundred pound television and a fifty-pound VCR. Not to mention the giant satellite dish my parents had where I’d have to run out and shake it to get it to move once it started to freeze up during the winter months. Those days are long gone and now I watch my favorite television show in my bed on my phone with my wireless Bluetooth headset.

The future will be limited only by our imagination. As long as we try to make life easier and all-inclusive, instead of exclusive, most things will work out just fine.

Founded in 1988 as a technology-consulting firm, Ottawa-based Edgewater specialized in providing the defense sector with expertise in the evaluation and design of technologies to support real-time high-performance multiprocessor systems. By 1999, Edgewater had self-financed its growth into a products company. Today, Edgewater offers a range of communications products in addition to its engineering services.

From a technical perspective, shares of Edgewater were up 3 percent at $0.20 per share on volume of 107,950 shares. Edgewater has a market capitalization of $25.43 million and an average daily volume of 338,371 shares. The company has a 52-week range between $0.14 and $0.62 per share.

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