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This App Could Soon Have You Working Out With Neymar

NABUfit is at the cutting edge of tech, fitness and entertainment.

Photo by Ailura & Universidad Europea de Madrid

Common wisdom tells us that we live in an increasingly sedentary society, and that people don’t get nearly the exercise that they used to thanks to technology, the fast-paced modern lifestyle and fast-food culture. But the health and fitness industry would beg to differ: In 2014, fitness industry revenue reached $24.2 billion, up 7.4% annually, and jobs in the industry are expected to grow 8% by 2024.

Clearly, there’s a growing demand for people to stay in shape, and the rise of highly visual social media has only exacerbated it. As fitness trackers like Fitbit (FIT) have shown, there’s a real demand for technology to enhance the fitness experience, and there’s a lot of opportunity for innovation in the young space. Enter NABUfit. “Our app is different because we have been combining fitness with a lot of famous sports stars,” says Brian Palm Svaneeng Mertz, CEO of NABUfit Global Inc. (OTC: NBFT).

NABUfit works with a variety of sports stars who serve to promote the app in a highly visibly and interactive way. “We have NABUfit ambassadors,” says Mertz. “Among them, Neymar Jr., who plays in Barcelona. We have Peter Schmeichel, the former world-best goalkeeper. We have Mo Farah joining us here in February. So, we combine the fitness and exercises and workouts with the sports stars, so people can come in, workout with the one they love, and watch on TV.”

The decision of which athletes to utilize came about with no lack of strategic thinking. “The reason we choose to have famous sports stars on the app is because we see ourselves as a global online company,” Mertz explains. “We are going after ambassadors with reach that have a lot of followers on social media. For example, Neymar has 100 million followers, and he does marketing for us on social media. So that gives us a lot of downloads, it gives us a lot of users.”

Who Is NABUfit For?

In today’s saturated market, no new tech product is going to succeed without having a clear concept of their core demographic and user base, and NABUfit is no different. “Our typical customer today is about 28 to 30 years [old],” says Mertz. However, Mertz explains that the breadth of their user base is perhaps a lot larger than you might expect. “We actually have users all the way down to 18, up to 65,” Mertz says. “In the app, we also provide senior training, actually, with Peter Schmeichel, who’s a little bit older, so we target everyone – everyone with a busy lifestyle, where they can’t go to the gym every day. They can work out with NABUfit at home, in the park, whenever they want.”

In fact, the NABUfit team seems to be embracing a broad, all-encompassing strategy that, if it pays off, could lead to exceptional growth. “Everybody can use the app,” Mertz says. “We have beginner levels, we have advanced levels, you can do it with equipment, you can do it without equipment, so everybody can use it, and most of the app is free, so there is always free content.”

Where Does NABUfit Go From Here?

NABUfit is still a very young company, but, they’ve already posted some impressive numbers. “Since we launched the app in July of last year, we gained more than 500,000 downloads, 100,000 followers on the social medias,” says Mertz. Yet, according to Mertz, this is just the start of the company’s ambitions. “Our expectation is to reach 5 million downloads and users this year,” Mertz says. “So we have a pretty high and big growth strategy. Our big markets right now are the US, Brazil, Europe and China. And we see very, very large growth potential in China.”

In order to attract a global audience, NABUfit has plans to diversify its program offerings as well. “We would like to go into other sports areas,” Mertz says. “Today, we have soccer, we have running, we have table tennis, but of course, basketball would be a great way to crack the US market.”

So will we soon see Cleveland fans practicing lay-ups with LeBron? If NABUfit can keep it’s momentum up, it could happen before you know it.

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