Things to be Missed During Government Shutdown

Young Rae Kim  |

The Government Shutdown has been in full-effect for over a day now, and with no end in sight, but what does that mean to the average American?

Many services and agencies are now closed as a result of the impasse on Capitol Hill. Only services that are deemed essential like the military, healthcare, and the postal office are to remain functional until the House of Representatives sorts out its affairs.

Thus, while there is a good possibility that many Americans may not even notice the interruption of services deemed "non-essential," provided that the stalemate does not last very long, there are also many who will in some way be affected.

Here are a few non-essentials that people will not be able to enjoy during the shutdown:


National Parks 

Some of the nation’s greatest natural treasures are now closed to public, including but by no means limited to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Ellis Island. These sites are obviously popular destinations for tourists, vacationers, or anyone looking to spend quality time with Mother Nature, but they will now be denied access to these public goods. Furthermore, campers who had already set up tents have been sent home.

Ironically, on the same day, Google celebrated the 123rd anniversary of Yosemite Park on its homepage.

In an interview with CNNMoney, Jennifer Bloch, a senior manager for the tech giant, said that "The timing today is an unfortunate coincidence".


Panda Cam

Not only have national parks been shut down, but museums and zoos are closed as well. One of the unfortunate consequences of this is that the National Zoo’s Panda Cam that brought joy to animal lovers across the globe, has been turned off.

The cameras broadcasted the zoo's endangered Giant Pandas, Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, as well as an unnamed 

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newborn cub, live across the internet. The Panda Cam is just one of many cameras that have been turned off because of the shutdown. Viewers will also be deprived of the ability to watch the chetah, octopus, and Amazon River feeds from the comofrt of their homes.


Air Force vs Navy Football Game

The sold-out match between the Air Force Academy and the Navy may be cancelled due to the government shutdown. CBS has bought the rights to broadcast the match, set to take place on Saturday October 6. However, all travel for intercollegiate athletics for the Air Force has been cancelled.

The annual battle for the Commander-in-Chief trophy has been a long-standing and much-beloved tradition, but it looks as though it may be skipped, or at least rescheduled this year. The Navy currently holds the trophy, but the Air Force leads the series 27-18.



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