These Six-Figure Jobs That May Surprise You

Olivia Clifford  |

When most American’s think of the typical six-figure salary paying jobs, funeral service managers are far from the top of the list. Most minds drift right to lawyers, doctors and corner offices. According to the 2013 data that was collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are many unique and less run of the mill jobs that have annual salaries of over $100,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics determined these jobs through surveys, occupational employment and wage estimates. The hourly as well as annual wages were then considered with the number of workers in the field to discover which jobs have a solid 10 percent of the workers consistently making over $100,000 a year.

The top miscellaneous six figure jobs in 2013 was Funeral Service Managers. With an average salary being around $79,390 and the top 10 percent making a consistent $140,740 this is a job that many overlook when its comes to ranking higher paying jobs. New York is noted for being the state that pays the highest salaries, but with only 9,130 employed nationally its not a bad job to consider.

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The next three jobs are similar in that the companies paying these employees the highest average salaries are in California. Writers and Authors come in as second on the list with the top 10 percent making about 117,860 annually. The average annual income comes in at around $68,420 with there being around 41,990 employed nationally. Third on the list and keeping with the California theme, is Home Economics Teachers that are working at a postsecondary level. There are around 4,700 currently employed with average salaries being around $64,060 and the top 10 percent making around $109,370. The last of the California jobs, coming in fourth on our list are Film and Video Editors. There are around 21,500 employed and the average salary is $64,260. The top 10 percent of those employed are making around $119,350 annually.

The last on the list are Elevator Installers and Repairers. The highest paying positions are for those workers currently employed in Massachusetts. They make an average of $74,140 annually, with the top five making around $106,450. Currently there are 19,700 people who are employed to do this job nationally. 

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