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These Companies Are Celebrating Their Employees With Amazing Perks

At these companies, every day feels like Employee Appreciation Day.

Via SageChimera & andrewarchy

Appreciation in the workplace is something that often comes sparingly. Around the country, many managers are asking their employees to perform at maximum performance, while taking on the work that was once divided across a department. To be fair, managers themselves are now asked to do more as well, as they account for more departments and people. Our fast moving culture often creates a hectic workplace. So it’s no surprise that employees who feel more appreciated and celebrated work harder. In a study by
O.C. Tanner Institute, research showed that performance recognition impacted innovation and determination. Even casual recognition increased productivity and workplace engagement. So, in honor of Employee Appreciation Day, let’s look at a few companies that are recognizing their employees with amazing perks and benefits:

Google (GOOGL)

Google is famous for its inventive way of nurturing employees and interns. Google provides free gourmet food and snacks across its campuses, along with healthy juice bars and cafes. The ability to save money and time with free food on campus keeps production levels up, while allowing employees to mingle on campus. Google encourages organized intramural sports on campus. Sports can be relaxing to many and provide an outlet for stress relief when big projects are due. One of Google’s other most important strategies for innovation is the 80/20 rule, where employees spend 80% of their time working their normal job and spend the remaining 20% on passion projects. These are just a few of the more unique ways Google supports its employees. The company also has excellent parental leave and death benefits for loved ones.


The accounting member firms that make up Deloitte represent 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Deloitte refers to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company, that provides audit assistance, consulting, and tax related services to public and private companies. Deloitte has members in 150 different countries and 245,000 employees across those nations. Those employees are allowed to take a 3 to 6 month sabbatical to pursue personal and professional growth opportunities, while retaining 40% of their salary. This level of perk spurs loyalty and gives employees the feeling that their employer supports their career fully.

Southwest (LUV)

Southwest offers access to the Clear Skies program and free travel to employees and dependents on available flights. The Clear Skies program offers employees confidential counseling, legal consultations and work/life services. The program is for employees who are stressed or have issues outside of work that affect their wellbeing. In addition, the airlines offers employees a 401k with a 8.3 and 9.3 percent match. The company also has a Profit Sharing plan that allows employees to contribute one to 16% of their salary to the plan and employees can purchase common stock options at a 10% discount. Southwest is continually in the “Best Places to Work” list and certainly seems to inspire loyalty in its employees and customers.


The online hospitality marketplace was ranked the “Best Place to Work in 2016” and one of the main reasons was the $2,000 stipend the company offers to employees to travel and stay in Airbnbs anywhere around the world. The stipend is an annual allowance and employees are encouraged to get out and explore the world. This level of commitment to the company’s message is encouraging. Airbnb advertises people to create meaningful adventures and to see faraway places. It is a great boost to its brand that it wants the same thing for its own employees.

Twitter (TWTR)

The social media company has been able to attract top talent because of their desire to change the world coupled with some amazing perks. One of the more famous perks is the rooftop deck at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. The 16,500 foot deck offers expansive views of the city and Bay, while offering employees a chance to take a fresh-air break with their peers. Twitter also brings some very important thinkers and celebrities into its offices to discuss their ideas. Hillary Clinton visited Twitter headquarters to better connect with followers and answer employee questions in 2015. The company also boasts a CrossFit gym at the headquarters and encourages employees to stay physically fit. Twitter also wants its employees to stay spiritually fit with its #FridayForGood days. On these Friday two times a year, employees donate time to the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. Employees can participate with a number of projects at the food bank like passing out food or even setting up internet connectivity in nearby neighborhoods.

These kinds of companies are bring in top-level talent and keeping them in-house with perks that nurture both the body, mind and soul. The United States has a reputation of overworking its labor force, but there are a few companies who are doing it right.

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