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Toronto, Ontario - Theralase Technologies Inc. (“Theralase” or the “Company”) ($TLT:CA) ($TLTFF), a leading biotechnology manufacturer focused on commercializing medical technologies to eliminate pain and destroy cancer, announced today that it has expanded its Photo Dynamic Compound (“PDC”) pipeline by demonstrating the efficacy of its Osmium based PDC platform.

The latest research has been selected for presentation at the 28th Annual International Congress on Laser Medicine and Surgery scheduled from November 5 to 7, 2015 in Florence, Italy. The abstract will publish in the peer-reviewed journal “Laser in Medical Science” with the complete paper to publish in the peer-reviewed journal “Laser Therapy”. The International Congress on Laser Medicine and Surgery focuses on translating the latest research from the laboratory bench to the bedside in the field of medical laser technology.

The year 2015 has also been declared “Year of the Light” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (“UNESCO”).

The latest research to be presented involves the pre-clinical analysis of three of Theralase’s Osmium based PDCs intended for multi-wavelength Photo Dynamic Therapy (“PDT”).

Theralase is currently pursuing one of its Ruthenium based PDCs (TLD-1433) in the destruction of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (“NMIBC”) and pending regulatory approvals will be able to commence a Phase Ib clinical study in 4Q2015. Based on the latest research, these three Osmium based PDCs represent an opportunity to expand the Company’s platform of PDCs for numerous cancer indications.

PDT involves the strategic combination of light, oxygen and a PDC to cause the accumulation of cytotoxic (“cell killing”) Reactive Oxygen Species (“ROS”) in a specific cancer cell, resulting in cancer cell death at the location of activation. The full potential of PDT is best realized with PDCs with favourable physical, chemical, and biological properties to achieve maximum selectivity and efficacy in the destruction of cancerous targets.

The latest research details that three of Theralase’s tunable Osmium based PDCs possess these preferential characteristics and in addition possess the ability to absorb light in the green, red and Near InfraRed (“NIR”) wavelengths allowing them to be “light activated” from 0.01” to 4” in tissue depth. These characteristics allow extreme versatility in the destruction of different cancers, located at various tissue depths.

The PDCs demonstrated that they were optically stable for two weeks at 4℃ and were very resistant to photobleaching, indicating that they are able to remain active during the entire time required to destroy the cancerous cells.

In vitro PDT (Petri dish) analysis of these three PDCs showed high cell kill across multiple cancer cell lines in the green, red and NIR wavelengths, demonstrating their versatility to destroy numerous cancer targets.

In vivo efficacy was demonstrated in a subcutaneous mouse model using cancer cells. The PDC was injected directly into the tumour, followed by light delivery in the NIR spectrum. This PDT treatment caused complete destruction of the tumour and the mice remained tumour-free for over twelve months. An important observation was that NIR PDT resulted in 100% protection against re-challenge with the cancer cells, if reinjected twenty days after the initial treatment. These findings suggest that this family of Osmium-based PDCs exhibit the same strong characteristics as the Ruthenium based PDCs and are therefore potent PDT agents for the oncological treatment of solid tumours.

Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO, Theralase stated that, “Theralase has now demonstrated that both of its patented and patent pending PDC platforms (Ruthenium and Osmium based) are highly effective in the destruction of cancer cells and both platforms protect the recipient against further cancer cell challenge, providing an “immune protection” defense against recurrence. This discovery allows Theralase to pursue additional cancer indications with our full complement of Ruthenium and Osmium based PDCs, expanding our drug platform in the destruction of cancer. Next steps include completing the research and development of its anti-cancer technology to allow enrollment of patients in a Phase Ib human clinical trial for the treatment of NMIBC in 4Q2015, prior to expanding the pipeline into other cancer indications.”

About Theralase Technologies Inc.

Theralase Technologies Inc. (“Theralase®”) ($TLT:CA) ($TLTFF) in its Therapeutic Laser Technology Division designs, manufactures and markets patented super-pulsed laser technology indicated for the: elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation and dramatic acceleration of tissue healing for numerous nerve, muscle and joint conditions. Theralase’s Photo Dynamic Therapy Division researches and develops specially designed molecules called Photo Dynamic Compounds, which are able to localize to cancer cells and then when laser light activated, effectively destroy them.

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