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The Trading Revolution is Here: Tradier and Usher in Era of Unlimited Trading

Unlimited trading and an all-in-one platform will change the game.

Fintech companies and Tradier launched their much-anticipated flat-fee unlimited trading service on Monday, allowing traders and investors the ability to buy and sell equities with no commissions for the first time ever—all for only $29.95 a month. That’s enormous value for any active investor and avid trader who makes more than six trades a month.

To put that in context, the Securities and Exchange Commission defines a day trader as someone who executes four or more “day trades” (buying and selling the same stock in one day) within five business days. That’s already eight trades in just five business days!

To kick off the launch of Equities Trading, and Tradier are currently offering the first two months of the service for free. Once subscribed, investors can execute unlimited trades on over 10,000 stocks and ETFs listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq and BATS Exchanges. Options trading is expected to be available at a later date.

But as compelling as that is, the trading revolution is about much more than pricing alone. What the partnership really does is combine’s leading market news and investor platform with Tradier’s innovative API-based trading solutions, to create a game-changing trading experience that empowers investors and traders with the ability to execute trades on a financial news portal. Using Equities Trading, users can easily access stock trading via articles, analyst research, company profiles and market data sections. In short, content has never been this actionable.

“ has continued to evolve to meet the demands of investors, who are looking to consume news, content and trade all on one site,” Enzo Villani, CEO of stated in the announcement. “We are excited about the partnership with Tradier focused on making trading more affordable and accessible with a transparent subscription based flat-fee model. The audience includes savvy investors and self-motivated millennials who visit our site to learn about under-covered companies and new market trends. With our new trading capability, investors have access to news, content and trading all in one place.”

Through its platform and services, connects emerging growth companies, global investors, executives, fund managers, financial experts, and industry professionals. The fintech company provides trading services, editorial news coverage, and financial information on emerging market trends and companies, empowering investors to make educated and well-informed decisions to trade on.

“Our partnership with the Equities team signals a new direction for trading in line with today’s news-driven and content focused markets,” said Dan Raju, Founder and Chairman of Tradier. “ and Tradier together are changing the trading culture with this new launch to empower self-directed investors to consume data while trading often without the obstacles of the traditional per-trade costs. We are pleased to partner with fintech innovators like Equities who are truly digitizing financial services while expanding into new demographics of online investors.”

There are over 54 million self-directed investors in the US alone, according to the most recent research from Aite Group, and the majority of which are desperately craving for modern trading tools that better reflect today’s market, the available technology and how they interact with content.

“The linkage between information, knowledge and trading has been tightly aligned from the development of markets,” Larry Tabb, Founder and Research Chairman of The TABB Group said. “As branded information becomes overwhelmed by less credible sources, it becomes critical for trading platforms to partner with only the most insightful and reliable of information providers. Increasingly, aligning news, insight and research with trading will be critical in developing a single platform to give the active investor the information they need to invest in a complex and challenging market.”

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