The Three Most Recommended Mid-Cap Tech Plays on the Market

Jacob Harper  |

Like a middle child, mid-cap stocks – or those that are worth between $2 billion and $10 billion – don’t get the attention of their bigger and littler siblings. Mid-caps aren’t usually as likely to experience the sudden, astronomic growth a well-oiled small-cap can, thus pushing away the investors looking for a big score. And mid-caps lack the stability of their giant large-cap bretheren, and can be likely to return incremental, steady gains than the big plays.

This is not to say that nobody invests in mid-caps, but rather that they certainly don’t get the attention from either side of the aisle – the risk-takers or the nest-egg seekers. But mid-caps can provide both a safe play and a healthy return, if an investor chooses wisely.

We decided to go looking for stocks in perhaps the most ppular sector – Tech – and then find the plays that got high marks from the largest percentage of professional analysts.

After digging, we discovered three mid-cap tech plays that received the highest possible analyst consensus of “strong buy.” All have performed well in the recent past, and are, at least as far as the experts are concerned, expected to continue to do so going forward.

Market Cap: $6.98 billion

Price: $4.56

P/E Ratio: 13.82

Advanced Semiconductor provides packaging and testing services for companies. On Jan. 6 the company reported 2013 Q4 earnings that saw revenues increase 13 percent year-over-year.

Market Cap: $2.06 billion

Price: $67.06

P/E Ratio: N/A

Demandware went public in March 2012, and has exploded since, gaining over four times in value. The company has benefited greatly from the explosion of any and all companies associated with “cloud” technologies.

Market Cap: $4.44 billion

Price: $50.34

P/E Ratio: 102.73

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On Jan 6 this satellite service provider announced the acquisition of Solaris Mobile, extending EchoStar’s reach into the European Union. The company is up 44.74 percent from a year ago.

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