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In 2018, video marketing is something you can’t afford to not have, but it also doesn’t have to be expensive. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to use videos to tell your story that are efficient and affordable.

Three out of four executives say they’re using video more frequently in their marketing but only half of them have bigger budgets than a year ago, according to The State of Video Marketing in 2018, a report released today by Storyhunter, the world’s leading video creator marketplace, and CommPRO, a global digital publisher.

This means marketers need to find more efficient ways of producing videos, so they can produce a lot more of it. This doesn’t mean you need to hire an agency to come up with the types of 30-second spots you watch during half time at the Super Bowl. The survey found that the most common ways of using video are for branded stories for social media distribution, explainer videos, product promotions, event coverage, executive interviews and customer testimonials, according to the poll of over 100 executives and professionals in working at brands, ad agencies, PR firms and publishers.

Only 8% of survey respondents said they make video ads.

The way that companies really engage with their customers these days is by producing videos on a daily basis. The brand story evolves with time. If you don’t have video on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube page, you are missing out on engaging with your customers where they spend most of their time. You need to talk to them where they spend their time!

By working with video creators, directors, and production companies directly on a platform like Storyhunter, you can access these services on-demand, anywhere in the country or the world, for any type of video marketing imaginable. All applicants are vetted by Storyhunter and you are matched with qualified applicants. Then you negotiate the price directly with them. Storyhunter can help you as much or as little as you’d like in terms of selecting the best applicant or developing the best workflow.

“Storyhunter is the future of sourcing top creative talent around the globe,” says Adam Hobbs, the head of film at Airbnb.

To begin you’d need to figure out what types of video marketing are best suited for your company or your goals.

What kind of video are you looking to produce?

About 8 out of 10 executives are beginning to experiment with new video formats, like 360 video, livestreaming events or panels, or drone footage, according to the survey. These can all be done by connecting with specialists in these formats. The beauty of leveraging local teams and smaller crews to produce content for digital distribution is that you can try out new formats with very little overhead and create innovative videos so you can see what works with your customers or audience. Here’s a few videos that should help you understand the type of marketing videos you need for your organization, whether explainers or product videos, or something to cover events or speaker series you are promoting.

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About the Author: Alex Ragir is a journalist, filmmaker, incessant truth-seeker and co-founder of Storyhunter, the world’s #1 video creator marketplace and freelancer management system. As Chief Community Officer, Alex built the Storyhunter network from zero to over 25,000 members in 192 countries while forging partnerships with the world’s leading brands, advertising agencies, and media companies. He also hosts an interview show called The Rough Cut with Alex Ragir, where we get an inside look into the most innovative minds in the digital media industry.

Before co-founding Storyhunter in 2012, Alex was a documentary filmmaker and foreign correspondent for Bloomberg News in Rio de Janeiro and Associated Press in Sao Paulo. A frequent contributor to Businessweek and Bloomberg Markets magazine, he won the 2010 Overseas Press Club award for his investigative reporting on financial crimes across Latin America. He’s also the recipient of SABEW’s award for 2010’s best international investigative story. When not hosting a Storyhunter ScreenUp, Alex likes to climb mountains, DJ and mimic people’s accents.

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