The Republic of Vanuatu Announces a Plan to Start a Medical Marijuana Industry

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Canada recently legalized the full recreational use of marijuana earlier this month, making the country the first ever G7 nation to do so. Then the U.S. territory Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, located near Guam, followed suit by legalizing adult use of cannabis.

Obviously, a catalyst (especially now that the world is changing its views on the once infamous plant), another South Pacific nation then followed the trend, making moves towards legalization within its own jurisdiction. An archipelago located just south of the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Vanuatu is reportedly planning to launch legislation this year, with plans to launch what it calls as an “ethical” medical marijuana industry by next spring.

Recently, the Republic's Council of Ministers, which essentially acts as the country’s cabinet, approved a “Policy Direction on Cannabis,” which will effectively lay the groundwork for industrial hemp and marijuana cultivation in the country.

Under the paper, related ministries are expected to work alongside the State Law Office to develop and implement a legislation that will act as guide and regulation for the country’s upcoming marijuana and industrial hemp industry.

The new legislation is expected to be up for debate in the country’s parliament this coming April 2019, with its licenses expected to be approved before this year ends.

Previously, the plant was only allowed to be grown in the country for research purposes. However, a current battle with a diabetes epidemic pushed the 277,000 person republic to find an unlikely help from the controversial plant and start its own industry as well.

According to Department of Curative & Hospital Services Dr. Santus Wari, “I am delighted to see the legalization of medical cannabis in Vanuatu and believe we are one step closer to treating the epidemic of diabetes within our nation and many of our neighboring Pacific countries.”

A growing industry

Vanuatu’s plans of starting its own medical marijuana industry are just one of the many cannabis-related developments the world has gone through lately. As a matter of fact, numerous countries and nations have already started their own cannabis industries, with some paying more attention to its medical sector rather than its recreational counterpart. This came as a result of today’s day and age placing more importance on the plant’s health-related benefits rather than its infamous psychotropic effects.

One such example is Northern California’s very own Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTCMKTS:SCNA), a public equity corporation focused on the advancement of cannabis agriculture, which it does through various acquisitions, proprietary intellectual property, and strategic alliances.

While most of the medical marijuana companies active today decided to focus on growth and cultivation, SCNA opted for a different route, focusing more on providing the necessary materials and resources needed to succeed in the field.

Led by its CEO John Taylor, the company does this by presently using the same smart technology utilized by most manufacturers to produce high-quality yields while also decreasing water consumption levels, applying it to cannabis agriculture. This way, the company is able to produce crops of the highest quality while also decreasing water use of up to 70 percent, saving resources in the process.

The company is not just some one-trick pony either, as it also focuses on combining science and technology together to take root in the industry. The company is able to do this through its wholly owned subsidiary Next Generation Farming, which is responsible for developing the technology that SCNA uses on its crops.

By developing its own greenhouses, SCNA effectively takes root in the cannabis industry through its own means, separating it from the others. (Source)

Essentially a self-made company, NextGen focuses on creating turnkey, automated, commercial greenhouse systems that are specially designed to improve the efficiency and production of organic food and cannabis crops, while also decreasing water use. In fact, earlier this year, NextGen released two new products through SCNA: the Geothermal Air Recirculation System and the Multi-Spectrum Grow Lights, an innovative light system designed to extend natural sunlight and increase the health of crops.

In the company’s latest report, the company revealed that it had already managed to sell 800 units of the new grow lights. Per the report, two new greenhouse models are also being developed by the company, as well as a new subsidiary that will be revealed next year.

With more and more nations and republics taking significant steps to create their own marijuana industry, it’s no surprise that companies such as SCNA are quickly finding a solid consumer to take root in. The cannabis revolution is indeed here, and it’s not at all surprising to see many more innovations spring out from it moving forward.

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