The Perfect Gift; Give $100 Worth of Shares in the Next BIG Startup

Michael Markowski |

Shares in two startups that are now available 24/7 for a minimum purchase of $100 with a VISA, Mastercard or bank debit card make a perfect gift for the holidays. There are two startups that I have identified which have the potential for $100 to grow to $1 million during the next decade beginning 2020.

The ability to spend as little as $100 for a gift consisting of the shares of a startup only became available in 2016 after the SEC lifted its second and final ban to enable companies to sell small amounts of shares to unsophisticated individuals. The ban which had been in place since 1933 had excluded the shares of startups being gifts. There is a three minute video at the end of this article entitled “Risk $100 to potentially make $1 million” explains as to how and why it’s possible in this day and age to make $1 million from investing $100 in a startup.

Gifts consisting of the shares of either or both of the two which I have identified would be very special. The two special startups, BCHI and Jinglz that are now available for a minimum purchase of 100 shares for $1.00 are no ordinary companies. I have conducted extensive analysis of both of their business models and have been monitoring their progress for more than one year. It’s quite possible that a 100 share block for each of them through their current offerings on a SEC regulated online funding platform could potentially be valued for $1 million or more sometime during the new decade beginning 2020.

Both possess the common traits which digital disruptors UBER and Airbnb had when both were startups. A hypothetical $100 investment in UBER in 2010 and into Airbnb in 2009 was recently valued for $1.25 million and $2.0 million respectively.

The $84 billion US TV and video advertising industry that Jinglz disrupts and the $596 billion grocery industry that BCHI disrupts are among the top 10 largest industries in the US and the world. The similar traits shared by UBER, Airbnb, BCHI and Jinglz:

  • Highly scalable digital business and revenue models which address the mass consumer market.
  • Extremely low user or customer acquisition costs.
  • Have products or services which have potential to spread virally via social media.
  • Potential for $1 billion valuations within a year and to $10 billion valuations within several years.

Information about purchasing the startup gifts is available at After the recipient has received their startup gift they can visit Trophy Investing to watch a video about their startup. They also will have access to research reports and articles about their startup which are now available. Their becoming a member of Trophy Investing would enable them to monitor their startup’s progress.

Michael Markowski, a 40 year veteran of the financial markets is the startups expert for Trophy Investing a member based-investing community which excels in identifying the shares of startups and early stage companies that have the potential to multiply in price within three to five years after investment. Membership to Trophy Investing is free. The three minute videos below are an interview of Mr. Markowski about startups at the NYSE and the video entitled “Risk $100 to potentially make $1 million”. Additional information about Mr. Markowski is available at

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