The Market's Stall is Deceptive While Selected Issuers Could Hum

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012       9:09 a.m.

DJIA: 12,949      S&P 500: 1361

Greece got its approval yesterday, so that cliffhanger is out of the way for now. Nevertheless, worries will persist as investors doubt the 130 billion euro ($173) bailout will be sufficient.  European stocks traded lower on the news, U.S. stock-index futures  were only ahead minimally prior to the open.

What’s important here is the risk of contagion has been taken off the table for the time being, giving investors a reason to be buying stocks, since other alternatives (treasuries, CDs, money markets, etc.) yield next to nothing.

Seems that if there is not a wall of worry there, the Street will quickly build one anyhow.

This European ‘thing” will be with us for years.  It is critical that global growth is restored, or Greece will not be the only euro-area country to bite the dust, Spain probably being the next “worry.”

Until then, our bull market can continue albeit with a correction between now and April when earnings reports begin to surface again.

CONCLUSION: Some selling possible by the “sell on good news” investors, which could drop the DJIA to the 12,860 area (S&P 500: 1352).

Over the weekend, I looked for attractive situations to buy, but found that though fundamentally attractive, many needed a breather before moving higher. This is when investors turn to issues of lesser  quality which haven’t participated in the October – February  run.

Stocks that have had a nice run since then don’t have to sell off  very much before moving higher, just consolidate sideways to let profit-takers lock-in gains to remove overhead supply that would restrict the stock from moving higher.

With so many stocks needing a consolidation, timing will be critical in coming weeks.

ECONOMIC NEWS: A light week for economic reports unless some surprise on the downside.


  • ICSC Goldman Store Sales (7:45 a.m.) a sampling of major retail sales (10% of total )
  • Existing Home Sales (10 a.m.) – December was up 5 pct. For third straight month which drew down the supply on the market to 6.2 million the lowest since 2006.


  • Jobless Claims (8:30 a.m.) – down 13,000 for week ended Feb.11 to 398,000, the 10th time in last 11 periods. Continuing claims were down 100,000 for week ended Feb. 4.
  • FHFA House Price Index – was up 1.0 pct. In Nov. after a drop of 0.7 pct. In Oct. Eight of the 9 census divisions were up.


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  • Consumer Sentiment (9:55 a.m.) – early Feb. reading was down 2.5 pct.
  • New Home Sales (10 a.m.) – short of expectation in Dec. With a drop of 2.2 pct. , but follows three monthly increases of  Nov. 4 pct,  Oct. 1.7 pct., Sept. 2.3 pct.

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