The Marijuana Metric: Re-Listing has Big Value for India Globalization Capital (NYSE:IGC)

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As we approach D-Day for Marijuana legalization, companies are chasing listings on larger exchanges like the NYSE and Nasdaq knowing it means at least a quarter of a billion valuation no matter what they do operationally. Investors are rationalizing the industry multiples for the sector, and have been breaking the industry down into Medical Cannabis, and Recreational Cannabis. Many insiders believe these members of the lucky sperm club who end up on a major exchange will reach Unicorn status once we have a federal mandate for all states.

According to what I am seeing, in price action in many stocks like India Globalization Capital, Inc.  (IGC), shows the power of the cannabis industry multiple, and explains why a company like IGC would change color like a lizard over the years to capture the highest multiple they could find from telecom in the 90s to commodities in this millennium. Now the CEO lands on Cannabis, and investors chase shares like a Cabbage Patch Doll, silly but predictable, and shares in this issue have shown it can be dangerous to trade from the short side. In fact, trading from any side has been a roller coaster, but the lesson here is on display, and good reading for those new to the volatility of microcap stocks.

The best approach to investing in any new sector that germinates in microcap and OTCBB is to talk to the company, read the filings, and pursue every unturned rock.

The days of relying on other analysts are gone, and much of the information is promotional. You are better off doing your own deep dive. A simple google search on any of the players here tells a fantastic story. Below is a chart since Thanksgiving - beware these shares have already achieved and lost a very high valuation, and the beauty of trading these smaller stocks is that there is a "Bull Market" every day in microcap, you just need to keep your eyes open, and in the age of google search be prepared to do your own homework. The axiom - buyer beware - applies succinctly to any stock with a Marijuana Metric.

Learn more about the company here: India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGCC)

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