The Hottest Russian Leaders (After Putin)

Jacob Harper  |

Western media tends to lambast Russian premier Vladimir Putin for his aggressive leadership style, and how he has handled the recent Crimean annexation, but they take a special glee in mocking his supposed vanity. Just because the leader of a major economic power likes to pose with guns and/or with his shirt off, he’s not to be taken seriously? Pish posh. They’re just jealous of the fact he’s a super hunkster sculpted from a solid block of Siberian hunk-ice.

It goes without saying that Putin is the hottest thing to ever lead the chilly Russian empire. But who stacks up to Vladdy? Below is our “premier” list of the hottest Russian leaders of all time:

#5 Leonid Brezhnev

 His eyebrows are as untamed as our love is for this bad boy.  

#4 Nikita Khrushchev

Khrushchev has a totalitarian grip on our hearts.

#3 Vladimir Lenin

More like the "Hot-tober Revolution!"

#2 Mikhail Gorbachev

From Cindy Crawford to Madonna, the beauty mark was the “it” facial accesosory of the 80s. And nobody rocked one as proudly as Gorby.

#1 Josef Stalin

Okay, it’s too easy. Before this bad boy went on to become one of the most brutal leaders in history, Stalin looked like he knew a great place to get a vegan cupcake. Dude was hip, and hot, even if you’re not into severe-looking old men.

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