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The Future of Alcohol is Hangover-Free: Here’s How This Company Does It

The fluid experts at Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CVAT) may have cracked the code for better alcohol-beverages.

Can you imagine enjoying your favorite wine or whiskey without the headache, achy body or “cloudy brain” that is often encountered the next morning, especially after “one too many?” If it were invented, it would be an instant success and a million-dollar idea, right?

Maybe even a billion-dollar idea considering that last week George Clooney and his two buddies sold their Casamigos tequila brands to Diageo (DEO) for up to $1 billion after only four years of building the brand. Clooney embarked on the journey not for the money, but simply to develop a great-tasting tequila that he and his friends and family could enjoy without a hangover the next day.

The fluid experts at Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CVAT) are taking their own products to the lab to prove that spirits and wines can be refined to improve their taste and reduce harmful impurities that can be attributed to hangover related symptoms.

A similar purification technology has been successfully applied by the company in several industry sectors including edible oil refining. Now, Cavitation Technologies, Inc. is developing a consumer-oriented product to address the lucrative market opportunity of superior alcohol-beverages.

Proven, Award-Winning Technology

The initiative is not the company’s inaugural run at alcohol and spirits. In fact, they’ve shown that they can dramatically expedite the slow process of barrel aging. The company’s technology optimizes the aging process, refining drinks while drastically reducing production time of barrel aging. Cavitation Technologies Inc.’s COO/CFO Neil Voloshin says that in a matter of one minute, the company’s technology can “age” a beverage by five to 10 years.

“We’ve found a way to make your favorite spirits smoother, taste better, and best of all, remove certain impurities typically responsible for hangovers,” Voloshin said. “Our proprietary process and technology enhance alcohol-beverages without the lengthy distilling process. Basically, you end up with a vastly superior product in much, much less time.”

And the proof is in the sniffer. The company’s Cameo Vodka brand was the highest-rated American vodka by with a score of 95 points, denoting it as “exceptional”. Cameo’s other flavor-infused variants have also won numerous high-ranking awards as well. In 2011, the Double Gold Medal winner in the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco was won by a gin refined through Cavitation Technologies Inc.’s breakthrough process.

Groundbreaking Results

According to Money TV’s Don Baillargeon, even an inexpensive cognac can be transformed into a quality level that left him “blown away.” Baillargeon said that the taste of the refined cognac would be something that he would expect to pay “$50 or $75 per sniffer in a fine dining restaurant.” The high price points for quality wines and spirits are a direct result of the conventional barrel aging process that is cumbersome and painstakingly slow.

Given the boom in demand of affordable, yet high-quality wines and spirits, Cavitation Technologies Inc. (CVAT) could find tremendous commercial success by eliminating the barrel aging process that currently requires many years to produce similar results to what Cavitation Technologies Inc.’s process accomplishes in minutes.

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. takes this one leap further by potentially eliminating hangovers. While the exact cause of a hangover is not entirely certain, the four prime suspects are dehydration, immune system response, the breakdown of ethanol, as well as the presence of congeners in alcoholic beverages. The company’s proprietary process leads to a substantial reduction of certain congeners, constituents that are believed to contribute to hangovers.

By combining the taste benefits of aging along with a reduction of harmful impurities and a streamlined production process, the company has laid out the path for a revolution of alcohol-beverage preparation. With extensive progress being made as a leader in superior alcoholic beverages, investors have ample reasons to stay closely attuned to what’s next for the company.

*Editor’s note: This article was updated on March 20, 2018.

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