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The Event That’s Connecting Entrepreneurs with High Net Worth Investors

Monaco Growth Forums attendees rub elbows with elite investors.

skeeze via Pixabay

It’s an exciting time to be in finance. Since the election in November, markets have been on a tear, and just last year, Reg A+ rules finally went into effect that opened up the markets to an entirely new investor class. However, dramatic changes in the US and around the globe, as well as an economic recovery that has led to dramatically increased wealth disparity means there’s still much uncertainty as to where markets are headed… all of which serves to make events like Monaco Growth Forums so important.

Founded by Andreea Porcelli, who also serves as their CEO, Monaco Growth Forums is an exclusive, invitation-only conference highlighting growth companies seeking capital and/or greater global exposure. Right now, Monaco Growth Forums is planning a Tech Tour of United Arab Emirates from February 20th to the 23rd. Why UAE? “I think Dubai and Abu Dhabi are some of the most international financial centers in the world right now,” said Porcelli in a recent interview with broadcast contributor Silvia Davi.

The companies that are lucky enough to get an invite can expect to rub elbows with a truly diverse array of high net worth investors. “The capital that is represented there is truly from all over the world,” Porcelli says. “And the cultural diversity is such that it’s a great audience for any public company that is looking to diversify their international shareholder base. The companies that are presented there are seeking shareholder exposure, but at the same time, they’re also seeking strategic relationships in that part of the world, as it is a major gateway for the continents outside the US.”

According to Porcelli, that’s the main goal for Monaco Growth Forums. “The objective is, of course, to expose this investor base to high-growth companies from the US. And at the same time, to allow these companies to build lasting relationships outside of the US.”

Immunotherapy Through New Tech… and Top Wines

Brocken Inaglory via Wikimedia Commons

Shortly after the event in UAE, Monaco Growth Forums will be hosting a networking event a bit closer to home for US entrepreneurs. Their Spring Edition takes place on March 29th to 31st in Napa Valley, and features new technologies designed to fight cancer. “Immunotherapy is the new objective to curing cancer,” Porcelli explains. “And I say ‘curing’ not ‘treating’ because there are actual cures on the horizon. So that’s extremely exciting for us. I think that the San Francisco Bay area has a number of companies that are working in this exciting field, and we’re also very excited about the keynote speakers that we’ve obtained for this event. Namely, a couple of the top immunotherapy oncologists from MD Anderson Cancer Center and one from UCLA, all renowned in their particular fields. As for technology, well, we all know Silicon Valley is nearby, and there’s a range of technologies that we’d like to profile, together with immunotherapy biotechnologies.”

Of course, the main question anybody invited to attend the event in Napa Valley is sure to be asking: Will MGF take advantage of the incredible wines of the region? “We will have some discussions on the wine business, as well as serving people some wonderful wine from Napa Valley,” promises Porcelli.

A Bright Future for Small Caps?

Prior to her role as CEO of Monaco Growth Forums, Porcelli spent years as an international investment banker, finding investors for small-cap companies on a global scale. So, with so much experience behind her, what outlook does Porcelli see for small-cap companies in the near future? “If the markets are any indication, we should continue to have a very strong marketplace,” Porcelli muses. “I like to advise companies that, if they don’t feel they’re quite ready to put themselves on the Nasdaq world stage, there are a number of other exchanges where they can sort of gain the experience they need, and the shareholder base, so they can approach the Nasdaq in the best way possible.”

Part of what makes Porcelli optimistic is the new crowdfunding options small-cap companies have opened to them, such as Reg A+ and campaigns like Testing the Waters. I think [Testing the Waters] gives CEOs and their management teams the opportunity to get used to the entire public arena and perhaps make any of the minor mistakes that happen along the way,” Porcelli says, “before they reach that world stage.”

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