The Best Things To Buy During the Summer

Olivia Clifford  |

Summer can be one of the hottest deal times of the year for many particular products. For those avid bargain hunters who are looking to get the most out of their money, summer brings the end of many merchandise seasons and therefore the biggest price cuts.  June, July and August can be the best time to snag great deals as it’s out with the old and in with the new. 


Gym Memberships: If you are deliberating which of the many gyms in your area to join, June is the best month to finally lock down the decision. As many gym memberships fall off during the spring and summer months the best deals begin to arise. This is the best time to find the lowest monthly rate as well as the lowest enrollment fee for gyms across the board. 

Tools: From toolboxes to power tools the only time of the year that you will really see a slash of prices is around Fathers Day. There are many discounts around the month of June in the hopes to lure people in to buying power tools for dad. 

Cell Phones: June, along with December, is one of the major months to get the best deals on Cell Phones. This is because there is an upward trend of parents buying their children phones as school ends and they jump into the freedom of summer. With more incentive to want to find and stay in touch, many cellular companies discount their prices in hopes to persuade more customers. 


Furniture: According to the American Home Furnishing Alliance July is the best month to go out and purchase new furniture. There are big discounts during this time as many of the companies and stores are trying to more their inventory out before all the new merchandise for the fall season comes in. 

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Broadway and Show Tickets: As most of the official Theater seasons start in the fall, the best time to purchase tickets and see shows comes in July. This is because most playhouses cut prices in an attempt to keep packed audiences for the outgoing shows. 

Jewelry: When July rolls around it marks a break and the introduction of a few non-giving months. These are months where there are no real holidays that require gifts such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Christmas etc. This is the best time to find deals on jewelry as they are finally on sale with the lull in demand. 


Outdoor Items: August is the perfect time to go out and purchase swim gear, beach gear or outdoor supplies in general. As the summer is coming to a close most stores are shifting their merchandise and all of these items get put on sale in an attempt to move them off the shelves. Summer sporting supplies such as water skis; wake boards and swing sets get moved out for the fall and winter gear. 

Computers and Office Supplies: With the month of August brings the back to school rush. With children of all ages gathering all their supplies to be prepared for the first day of school, there are some of the biggest discounts. This goes for computers as well. As most college students will need laptop computers companies extend large discounts in order to beat their competitors and lure more customers. 

Clothing: The end of the summer brings the mega sales as many stores are trying to more merchandise to make space for the fall designs. Though the sizes and styles may be limited to what is left, there are many major discounts that are available as companies are trying to get rid of their excess. This is a particularly good time to get discounts on summer essentials such as swimsuits and sandals. 

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