The Best Misunderstood Hashtags

Jacob Harper  |

Twitter (TWTR) higher-up Vivian Schiller made waves in social media sphere in early March when she called two of Twitter’s most defining features – the “@” reply and the “#” categorizer – ‘arcane’ and revealed the company might move the “scaffolding of Twitter into the background.” This is a response to Twitter’s failure to grow fast enough with newbies, presumably ones put off by the (at least initially) bewildering jargon and social mores of at-replies and hashtags.

For some users hashtags have proven especially confusing. The function does not allow spaces, for instance, the hashtag “Calgary Chess Club” would be written as #calgarychessclub. Usually, this is no problem. But over the hashtag's humble yet tumultous history, its unique functionality has certainly has caused a few interesting misunderstandings.


What’s an “N Bacon Tract?” A missive written about that most overhyped of salted meats? Something about Kevin Bacon’s long lost son, “N?” No, it’s the usual chatter about “NBA contracts,” a subject that seems to get perennially misunderstood.


Following the death of Britain’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, her last name “trended” on Twitter. This had a lot of people wondering what happened to pop star Cher. Because, pointedly, what happened “Now That Cher’s Dead.”


During the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case that dominated headlines last summer, one of the charges against Zimmerman – manslaughter – would often trend. This of course did not stop people from wondering what was so suddenly interesting about a “man’s laughter.”


In February the gossip rags went afflutter with news that supermodel Heidi Klujm had begun dating actress Demi Moore's relatively unknown ex-boyfriend. This wave of interest prompted many to put the space in the wrong place with the phrase "Moore's Ex." If you're wondering how it was misinterpreted, just look at the phrase from a junior high school student's perspective.  

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