​The Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Commercial from Last Night

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The Super Bowl commercial has reached an intriguing junction. Given the way that television advertising has collapsed over the last decade or so as marketers increasingly move online and to mobile, one would think that the day of the Super Bowl ad as event television would be coming to a close. One would THINK.

This is not the case, though. Instead, the Super Bowl ad has simply changed with the times, with ads running online ahead of the game and turning this cultural institution into a multi-media, cross platform affair that very well may outlive the medium for which it was created. Here’s a breakdown of the best and worst of last night’s Super Bowl advertising bonanza:

The Good

Amongst the strongest commercials was this Doritos (PEP) spot that, while putting forth the deeply, deeply disturbing notion of spontaneous labor, was still pretty funny.

And if you’re Doritos, you got two for the price of one! I’m kidding, of course, I’m reasonably sure CBS (CBS) wasn’t offering a volume discount. That said, dogs in clothes is hard to mess with.

Kevin Hart, though, may have stolen the show with his Hyundai (HYMLF) spot. While the “don’t you dare touch my daughter” bit is an oldy, Hart executes it really well here.

And speaking of celebrities doing Hyundai commercials, Ryan Reynolds also dazzled with this spot that features, well, him.

And hey, let’s hand it to the avocado farmers of Mexico, who not only shelled out for a very expensive ad slot, but got Scott Baio to appear in it as well.

The Bad

I’m a big Aerosmith fan. In their prime, that group did some really solid work. Now? It’s getting harder and harder to pinpoint precisely which high-profile moment could qualify as the most embarrassing thing Steven Tyler has done since the late 1990s. This Skittles ad isn’t quite American Idol or 2001 Super Bowl Halftime Show bad, or even That Song From Armageddon bad, but it’s still pretty bad.

I love Seth Rogen. I love Amy Schumer. I love beer. I do not love this.

I kept waiting for there to be a joke in this LG Display (LPL) commercial. There wasn’t one.

Hey Audi (VLKAY), if this guy’s mind is so far gone that he still thinks he’s in a rocket ship, maybe putting him behind the wheel isn’t such a great idea, hmm? Let alone at 205 miles per hour…

The Ugly

What fresh hell is this?

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