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The Artificial Intelligence Advantage for Family Offices

The younger generation is seriously disrupting traditional investing...

Via NEEBA Agency

Recent studies confirm the fact that family offices have grown tired of poor investment returns, high fees and tax inefficiencies and, as a result, have cut allocations to funds by 10% in just one year. It’s no surprise then that today’s wealthy families prefer to invest directly with managers that the families and their advisers believe have the ability to out-perform, thus circumventing these challenges. The real challenge, however, is how to identify and vet those managers, and sometimes even more challenging is the task of how to find those managers when the world over is seeking the same Alpha.

Since family offices have an impressive arsenal of $4 trillion available to invest, they have considerable clout when insisting that managers be 100% transparent and 100% accountable. In addition, they understand the importance of technology and the unique edge provided by the rare investment managers who know how to incorporate disruptive technology such as navigational algorithms, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated computer modeling to augment performance and safely navigate market volatility. Managers who fit that bill are more than hard to find.

Fortunately, a high yielding niche in the gold, silver and currency spot markets now offers substantial families and high net worth investors an exciting and controlled way to make up for broad based losses or anemic yields from conventional portfolio compositions. Forex trading strategies continue to expand in popularity and the rationale is compelling when the strategy and manager is time proven.

Often, we see the younger, tech-savvy generation encouraging the family patriarch to investigate how today’s new disruptive technology can benefit the investment portfolio. As the new generation is increasingly handed the reigns of managing the portfolio, we expect to see this trend increase exponentially where technology-based solutions are employed.

Savvy family offices are turning to firms such as Mediatrix Capital, Inc. in order to trade the Foreign Exchange market and satisfy the search for Alpha. Sophisticated suites of algorithmic technology and artificial intelligence tools make it possible to achieve exceptional results while managing the downside risk of trading. Ideally, the selected Forex manager should offer the family a high growth rate investment opportunity with total transparency, liquidity and world class, dependable monthly returns, that have a multi-year track record.

Mediatrix is a leading example of a smart algorithmic Forex trading platform. The team began developing its Forex Spot Market algorithms in 2007 and by mid-2013, went live trading first the managers’ own capital and shortly thereafter, client funds. As of March 2017, Mediatrix has achieved 39 straight months of client gains, confirmed by an audit from December 2013 to the present date.

The bottom line is that family offices today need to build a portfolio with an asymmetric return profile and definable and downside risk to capital invested. By utilizing proprietary artificial intelligence and algorithmic approaches that incorporate overlay and absolute return strategies with distinctive methodologies it is possible to achieve stellar returns.

For further information on how Mediatrix Capital helps family offices, visit or call 1-800-905-1006.

In no event should the content of this material be construed as an advertisement, express or an implied promise, guarantee or implication by or from Mediatrix Capital Inc. (MC) or any of its partner or subsidiary companies. This is not an attempt to sell or solicit any security and should not be taken as such. The content of this document is for informational purposes only. Potential Accredited Investors are advised to carefully read the Disclosure Documents to determine whether a managed investment in MC is consistent with their financial situations and investment objectives. Past results are no guarantee of future performance. Mediatrix Capital is a foreign corporation based in Nassau Bahamas, and does not operate within the United States.

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