The 10 Most Valuable Auto Companies in the World

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Last month, I sold my two years old Nissan Altima because my car got damaged in a car accident and I didn't have any other option except selling it as I missed to renew my auto insurance . Now I bought a new Honda CRV after doing a lot of market research.

While the exact spot of each brand tends to fluctuate on a regular basis, the top 10 players on the global auto market remain largely unchanged through the year. For 2018, the list so far is shaping up as follows:

1) Toyota

Toyota  (TM) keeps shifting between the top 2 spots in the list month by month, but the company has always been hard at work improving their models and exploring new corners of the market, despite the fact that some of their fans occasionally accuse them of being a bit too stagnant in their development.

2) Mercedes-Benz

Toyota’s main contender for the first spot, Mercedes-Benz  (DDAIY) is still a renowned, classy brand, associated with luxury and high style. Their recent progress on the market has been quite noticeable, with a steady growth recorded for a long period of time.

3) BMW

BMW BMWYY have been losing some headway in the global race against other brands recently, although the company has stayed strong on the auto market where they’ve marked some solid progress. They have been performing better and better in the eyes of customers as well, and the current attitude towards them is highly positive.

4) Volkswagen

Despite losing a good chunk of their reputation to the emissions scandal from a couple of years ago, Volkswagen  (VLKAY) have managed to stabilize their position once again, and all signs point to them staying active on the auto market for a long time.

5) Honda

Another brand with some constant fluctuations up and down, Honda  (HMC) have found a relatively stable place at the 5th spot, despite losing their position on the global market against other (non-auto) brands in general.

6) Porsche

A timeless classic, it should be no surprise to anyone that Porsche  (POAHY) of all brands have managed to retain their solid reputation and constant presence on the auto market. The company has been moved down the list somewhat, but they remain strong.

7) Hyundai

With an increase in their market presence compared to last year, Hyundai  (HYMLF) remain a solid choice for a large number of consumers, and it shows in their popularity compared to other brands. The company keeps producing high-performing models and seems to have a solid plan of action for the near future.

8) Ford

Ford  (F) are among the companies that got hit quite hard in their market position, but the brand is still strong and a favorite of many. Their brand rating has remained unchanged since the dip, despite the company managing to climb back up in the ranks, so we’ll have to see how they perform in the coming year.

9) Audi

On the contrary, Audi  (AUDVF) have been on a steady climb, moving up by a significant number of spots. There are predictions that the company might make it even higher into the charts not too long from now, although there are many factors that would have to align to make this speculation correct.

10) Nissan

Nissan’s  (NSANY) drop wasn’t as significant as the ones some other companies have seen recently, but the company still took a noticeable hit to their performance. While they’re coming back up, we’ll have to wait and see how this will reflect on them in the long run.

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Symbol Name Price Change % Volume
TM Toyota Motor Corporation 120.30 -0.64 -0.53 190,994 Trade
HMC Honda Motor Company Ltd. 26.70 -0.10 -0.37 491,100 Trade
F Ford Motor Company 8.58 0.06 0.74 23,135,861 Trade
HYMLF Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd. 89.00 0.00 0.00 0
DDAIY Daimler AG ADR (Sponsored) n/a n/a n/a 0
AUDVF Audi Ag Dm Ord 891.85 0.00 0.00 0
POAHY Porsche Automobil Holding SE Stuttgart ADR 6.10 0.17 2.78 162,561
NSANY Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. ADR (Sponsored) 16.20 -0.41 -2.44 275,458
VLKAY Volkswagen AG (Germany Fed. Rep.) ADR (Sponsored) n/a n/a n/a 0
BMWYY B.M.W. A.G. ADR (Sponsored) 26.80 0.10 0.37 112,156


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