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T-Mobile Offering Free Robocall Blocking and Identification Service

ScamShield identifies where a call is coming from and by whom in order to protect customers’ personal information. The It includes free scam ID and blocking, free caller ID, a free second number, a T-Mobile PROXY to maintain personal numbers

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert revealed the company’s latest “un-carrier” move since merging with Sprint: Free protection against scams and robocalls.

The new offering, dubbed Scam Shield will include:

  • Free scam ID and blocking
  • Free enhanced caller ID
  • Free second number, or proxy, to keep your personal number personal
  • Free number change if your existing number becomes a spam magnet
  • Free Scam Shield app
  • Free ID monitoring and alerts for 12 months from McAfee

Americans have already lost $80 million to coronavirus-related scams this year, according to T-Mobile, with the number of scams accelerating by 70% from May to June.

Despite years of ongoing industry measures to reduce the problem, T-Mobile said scammers make 58 billion robocalls a year.

On Thursday, the FCC changed its rules for carriers to more easily block robocalls. The agency will also enable carriers to be free from liability for unintended or inadvertent blocking of wanted calls when they adopt “reasonable analytics” to stop scam calls.

Shares of T-Mobile, up 33% year-to-date, closed Thursday down 0.4% to $104.49.


Source: Equities News