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Synthego Raises $200 Million in Series E Round To Accelerate Genome Engineering

The company leverages machine learning, automation, and gene editing to build platforms for science at scale.

Synthego, the Redwood City, California-based genome engineering company, announced Thursday that it has raised $200 million in its Series E round of financing.

The round was led by Perceptive Advisors, the life sciences-focused investment management firm.

Other participants were new investors SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Declaration Partners, Laurion Capital, Logos Capital, GigaFund and Chimera Abu Dhabi. Existing investors Wellington, RA Capital and Moore Strategic Ventures also took part in the round.

Synthego last raised money in August 2020, a Series D round that garnered $100 million.

Including this Series E funding, Synthego has now raised $460 million in venture capital funding.

"CRISPR has become a powerful discovery tool, and the field is now at an inflection point," said Synthego co-founder and CEO Paul Dabrowski. "The promise of translating insights into clinical applications to treat a myriad of serious diseases, including cancer and genetic disorders, is within reach."

"With Synthego’s full stack of proprietary platforms, clinical-grade manufacturing capabilities, and strong relationships in industry, academia and the investor community, we are well positioned to help our customers usher in this new era of genetic and cellular medicines, ultimately ensuring these therapies are accessible to all patients.”


Synthego combines machine learning, automation, and gene editing to build platforms for what it calls "science at scale."

The company’s Halo and Eclipse platforms vertically integrate proprietary hardware, software, bioinformatics, chemistry and molecular biology to advance both research and therapeutic development programs.

Halo delivers high-quality gene editing tools to support basic research to drug discovery, while Eclipse is a CRISPR-editing platform that the company believes is the new gold standard in cell-based models.

“Given Synthego’s success in scaling and optimizing genome engineering technologies, and standardizing quality and efficacy for both discovery and clinical applications, it is a key player in this remarkable field, and we are excited to support the team," said Mike Altman, managing director of Perceptive Advisors. 

IPO on the horizon?

We suspect that this Series E may be the final step before Synthego seeks a public equity listing. In the interim, accredited investors may access Synthego via pre-IPO platforms such as EquityZen.

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