Swingplane Ventures Higher Once More As The Comeback Continues

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OTC Volume Focus List Ahead Of The Bell: AMR Corp, Medical Marijuana, Inc, China Teletech Holding, Nokia Corp.

Shares in Swingplane Ventures (SWVI) have had an amazing comeback in price over the last two trading sessions after falling over 50% last week.  In the 2 trading days since then shares of SWVI have risen 50% and 16% respectively to close today at 0.77 cents per share.  We will see if the company can have another strong days trading in today’s session with shares of SWVI trading over $20 million once more on Monday.

Nokia Corporation (NOK) shares seem to be trading in a range currently with shares closing at $3.63 even though large volume still trading in the stock.  NOK was lower by 4% on 50 million shares traded in the markets today.

China Teletech Holding (CNCT) which was higher by more than 67% on the previous day’s trading pulled back in yesterday’s markets by 19% on the day. CNCT still traded heavier volume than normal with 5.8 million exchanging hands but most of it was downside with shares sliding.

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Medical Marijuana (MJNA) was one of the stocks that has been punished recently which had a strong days trading yesterday and was higher by 19% on heavy volume once more on Wall Street.  Shares have been actively traded and volatile for the last couple of weeks in the name whilst seeing much positive news surrounding the name.

Shares in AMR Corp (AAMRQ) traded lower by 4% after climbing in the previous day’s trading.  The company is still trading extremely heavy volume compared to its normal trading average obviously due to the ongoing closing of its merger with US Airways.  AAMRQ traded over $23 million today making it the largest volume trade in the over the counter market.

It really goes to show that if you do your research there are substantial profits to be made trading over the counter stocks and in the case of AAMRQ even a company in bankruptcy has ended up becoming a positive winner for many traders.  Even in the case of SWVI whose shares were cut in half only to rise 65% over the last few days.

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