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Super Committee Fails: How to Trade It…

If anyone of note were to accuse the Republicans in Congress as being unpatriotic, there would be a mild outcry from the lamestream press. Were someone of note (not me, of course) were to accuse

If anyone of note were to accuse the Republicans in Congress as being unpatriotic, there would be a mild outcry from the lamestream press. Were someone of note (not me, of course) were to accuse the Democrats in Congress as being unpatriotic, there would be a massive outcry from the ‘mainstream’ media that such accusations were beyond the pale.

As such, I will not try to label either the conservatives (both Democrat and Republican) or the liberals (both Democrat and Republican) as being unpatriotic. I will, rather, accuse the ‘fact’ that our country is being spent into financial collapse and the evil 1% of the country’s ‘rich’, who by the way, spend 30% of all money spent in the US are targets for more taxation, as far from patriotic. If something is NOT patriotic… then, by definition, it MUST be (give me a little latitude here, you English Grammar Czars) Unpatriotic.

We are being told that spending less and taxing less is unpatriotic, when it is quite the opposite. I submit to you that spending us into bankruptcy at worst or hyperinflation at best is the epitome of being unpatriotic.

Our euphemistic super-duper-bang-up-greatest-opportunity-in-a-generation committee cannot find a single dollar to cut unless there are more taxes levied against the most productive job-creating, cash-spending people in the country… the so-called “rich”, which by the way, are NOT just the top 1%… no, when the liberals are actually pinned down, “rich” is anyone making more than $250k (and in reality, far less).

Rather than do the patriotic thing and deal with our massive deficit and over-promised, nanny-state entitlement programs, our illustrious Congress is content to play politics and do nothing. Obama wants a do-nothing Congress so that he can run against something other than his flawed, failed, socialist agenda and programs. So, the Dems will oblige by blaming the Republicans of wanting to throw grandma under the bus, along with an extra bonus of decimating our military.

I won’t call them unpatriotic… but I will call them totally pathetic.

Will someone with intelligence and an appropriate set of gonads step up and lead this country forward? Will patriotism and politics ever work together again? And, this, dear reader… is both the bad news and the good news.

The bad news, of course, is the dearth of leadership in the White House and in Congress. That, we all hope, is also the good news. This opens the door for some serious house cleaning (pardon the pun) in 2012. Maybe (I can hope, can’t I?) someone with real leadership and patriotism-based politics can come into the White House in 2012, along with enough real conservatives (no RINO’s!) to take this country back and put it on the right track. We need to roll the nanny-state back to the pre-Johnson era, which will never happen, but we could try to head in that direction. There are several Departments that need to be completely dumped and many more that need complete overhauls. We need the EPA put back into a very small box and teach them that the environment is far stronger than they think and does not need job-killing protection. The Department of unEducation needs to be abolished. As far as our Congress and President are concerned, every bill and legislative act should be based on the following: “Smaller government is better government!”

If just a few of my hopes come true next November, I believe this country could move into one of the biggest booms in decades. My forecasts, which could not care less about politics or my conservative bias, are gradually showing signs of more bullish trends in the markets in the future. Of course, the ‘here-we-come-as-fast-as-Obama-and-the-libs-can-make-it-happen’ model of socialized economies (aka, Europe), could actually hold the line and some of the Euro countries could actually collapse, economically. That would be painful but probably the right thing to do. I am not nearly so concerned with the financial collapse of some big banks and/or sovereign debts in Europe as I am seeing how the average person in Europe can move off the governmental feeding tube and into actually fending for themselves.

There was a movie that came out years ago (and remade at least once or twice) called, “The Time Machine”. In the movie, the time traveler moves thousands of years into the future where one group of ‘once-humans’ care for the remaining humans, much as a farmer tends sheep. The real humans had forgotten how to care for themselves and had become so dependent upon the ‘once humans’ as to become a source of food for the ‘once humans’. This analogy is far more real than not for the socialist states of Europe and to a lesser, but ominously growing degree, here in the US. Much of Europe and the bulk of the ‘OWS’ crowd, as well, have come to depend on the government (the ‘once humans’) as their provider and they (the humans) have forgotten how to care for themselves. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in Europe… and the US, as well.

The astronomer Carl Sagan said, “It was easy to predict mass car ownership but hard to predict Walmart.”