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Sugarmade (SGMD) to Utilize Patents to Create Cannabis Active Packaging Market

"We are very excited about this high-tech packaging and the already issued patents, which protect the intellectual property," commented Jimmy Chan, CEO. "This packaging will enable us to help growers, dispensaries and consumers

Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD) today announces it has entered into a Letter of Intent to develop and market patent protected active packaging for the cannabis industry. The technology the Company intends to introduce will not only better preserve cannabis, including THC levels, via control of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, humidity and thermodynamic cooling, but will also significantly improve the safety of cannabis via the ability to emit food safe oxidizers and other treatments to mitigate mold, bacteria and other pathogens, including powdery mildew.

While the food industry has used modified atmosphere packaging for many years, recent advancements have given way to active and intelligent packaging. Active packaging is a smart system that involves interaction between packaging components and the internal gas atmosphere within the package. The intellectual property on which Sugarmade will base its new products takes active packaging one step further by adding intelligence to the packaging, which will allow for active feedback to the consumer and tracking throughout the entire supply chain.

“We are very excited about this high-tech packaging and the already issued patents, which protect the intellectual property,” commented Jimmy Chan, CEO. “This packaging will enable us to help growers, dispensaries and consumers extend the shelf life of cannabis while making the product much safer for consumption. We plan to be the first company to offer active and intelligent packaging to the fast-growing cannabis industry. We believe this is especially important considering the developing standards in California and other jurisdictions that have recently approved recreational use.

While the drying and curing process, if done correctly, kills most of the microorganisms present in cannabis, certain types of bacteria and fungi are quite resistant to drying. Through this active packaging technology, oxygen levels can be lowered and carbon dioxide levels increased effectively putting everything in the container to “sleep”, thus slowing cellular respiration and extending shelf life.

The patented technologies also control humidity within the package, which is vital not only for retail and consumer storage, but also during the critically important curing process. Lastly, a significant portion of the intellectual property concerns the application of food safe oxidizers to treat and further retard the growth of many pathogens that may be present, such as powdery mildew, which is a growing problem within the cannabis market place.

About Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD)

Sugarmade, Inc. is a product and brand marketing company investing in products and brands with disruptive potential. Sugarmade’s brands include, Sugarmade Tree Free Paper, FreeHand® ThumbTray® and CannaShroud, the world’s first Cannabis specific shipping systems. During early 2017, the Company will be launching Sriracha Stix, a revolutionary culinary seasoning product under official license from Irwindale, California-based Huy Fong Foods, Inc., the maker of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. For more information on the Company’s products, please visit .

For inquiries please contact Jimmy Chan at (888)-982-1628 or [email protected] .

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