Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Gaffe and Other Famous Face Palms

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What do Steve Harvey, President George H. W. Bush and Steve Jobs all have in common? Embarrassing moments that audiences around the globe never let them forget! Harvey’s flub at the Miss Universe pageant last night may have been the most recent embarrassing moment, but the comedian and Family Feud host can at least rest easy knowing he’s walking in the footsteps of a former head of the free world and iconic tech guru. In that spirit, let’s examine some of modern history’s most facepalm-worthy public gaffes.

Steve Harvey names wrong winner in the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant.

Steve Harvey had viewers in utter shock as they watched him announce the wrong winner at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant last night in Las Vegas. After declaring the third runner up, (Miss USA,) Harvey then names Miss Colombia as the new Miss Universe 2015 and Miss Philippines as the first runner up. After realizing he had crowned the wrong winner, he returned to the stage to embarrassingly admit he read the card wrong and that in fact Miss Philippines was the true winner. “I will take responsibility,” Steve announced on stage. The moment couldn’t have been any more awkward as viewers watched Miss Colombia be dethroned in a matter of minutes, with the crown being handed over to Miss Philippines. Undoubtedly the most embarrassing ending to a pageant ever! Harvey made things even worse by going on Twitter (TWTR) and writing, “I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia. This was a terribly honest mistake and I am so regretful.” Spelling Colombia and Philippines incorrectly. #EpicFail

President Bush’s Lunch Invades Prime Minister Miyazawa’s Lap

Source: ABC News

Talk about awkward! On January 8th 1992, while attending a state dinner in Tokyo Japan, George Bush became violently ill. Ignoring the orders of his doctors to stay in bed the night prior, President Bush took his seat at the dinner next to Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa. During the meal, President Bush became ill and began vomiting on the foreign head of state! Becoming the first president in history to vomit on a foreign dignitary. According to Encyclopedia of political communication, "The incident caused a wave of late night television jokes and ridicule in the international community, even coining Bushu-suru which literally means 'to do the Bush thing'.

Steve Jobs iPhone iFail

The inspiring Steve Jobs was no stranger to embarrassing moments. During the presentation of the iPhone4 In San Francisco, Jobs began to experience difficulty connecting to the Wi-Fi during his keynote. The iPhone 4 failed more than once, when Jobs tried to demonstrate the clarity of the pictures on the new glass screen. With airwaves crowding the Wi-Fi signal, Job’s began urging audience members, bloggers, and journalists to disconnect from their Wi-Fi connections. The iPhone 4 failed again when Jobs attempted to demonstrate the most important demo of all: how video calling works. While on stage his video call began to freeze. An irritable Steve Jobs snapped “This never freezes up, so you guys haven’t turned off all your Wi-Fi!” The IPhone 4 went on to be hugely successful, but not before the genius who’s renowned for his showmanship left us with a presentation that was more awkward than Steve Wozniak on a first date.

Whether it’s crowning the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant, vomiting on a foreign head of state, or having a tech issue during the unveiling of your new apple product, one never knows when an embarrassing moments is right around the corner.

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