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Star Navigation and Partners Form Research Group to Provide Real-Time Telemedicine for Emergency Medical Evacuation by Air Transportation

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Dec. 2, 2014) - Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. ($SNA:CA) (SNAVF) (“Star” or the “Company”), and École de technologie supérieure

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Dec. 2, 2014) – Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. ($SNA:CA) (SNAVF) (“Star” or the “Company”), and École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) are pleased to announce that the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the MEDTEQ Consortium have confirmed grants to support the project on “Real-Time telemedicine for emergency medical evacuation by air transportation”.

The collaborative Research project is conducted under ÉTS guidance, with the active participation of MEDTEQ, Silkan Solutions Inc., Airmédic Inc., Centre hospitalier universitaire (CHU) Sainte-Justine and Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. The project will contribute to accelerate the integration of new technologies and care pathways, to support the creation of new markets for consortium partners, to develop knowledge and leading edge expertise in technology and the management of medical systems, to train highly qualified resources and to facilitate knowledge transfer. It will span over two years and will involve 3 master students and 2 post-doctorate fellows working with the research and industrial team constituted.

The partners of this project will work on improving Emergency Medical Services (EMS), starting with Air Ambulance transport, by providing real-time direct transmission to the ground medical dispatch center, of patients’ vital signs, along with visual assessment and geo-positioning.

The STAR-ISMS® on-board system and its data gathering and secured communications capabilities will be the backbone of this project. New specific features and capabilities will be designed and added for use in a critical medical environment. The project will lead to prototyping the complete chain of information, from the air to the ground, including the integration of clinical information with the Electronic Medical Record at the hospital level.

“The project will lead to improving patient assessment, to initiating better informed life-saving interventions, and to expediting patient access to treatment centers. The University will work on the key components dealing with image acquisition, compression, transmission and use in harsh environments and critical conditions,” said Principal Investigator Professor Rita Noumeir (PhD., Eng.) from ETS.

According to Professors Georges Kaddoum (PhD., Eng.) from ETS and Doctor Philippe Jouvet (PhD., M.D), real-time transmission between the aircraft or helicopter and the hospital will significantly help to improve the quality of care while providing instant access to vital signs, imaging and other critical information about the patient (aunts or children), no matter where he is in the sky. This communication link will help to save many lives by helping doctors to provide an initial diagnosis about the patient’s health so as to be prepared for arrival at the hospital and optimize the management in the emergency room and intensive care units.

“We see the application of this real time Bio- medical data transfer technology, for Air and Ground Ambulance, as well as for Military evacuation and Commercial aircraft applications, to better and more rapidly protect patients and travellers,” said Mr. Viraf Kapadia, CEO of Star Navigation.

About Star Navigation: (

Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. owns the exclusive worldwide license to its proprietary, patented In-flight Safety Monitoring System, STAR-ISMS®, the heart of the STAR-A.D.S.™ System. It is the first system in the world to feature in-flight data-analysis, monitoring and diagnostics with a real-time connection between aircraft and ground. Its real-time capability of tracking performance trends and predicting incident-occurrence enhances aviation safety and improves fleet management while reducing costs for the operator.

Star’s MMI Division designs and manufactures high performance, mission critical, flight deck flat panel displays for defence and commercial aviation industries worldwide.

About ÉTS

ÉTS (École de technologie supérieure), part of the Université du Québec network, educates professional engineers and researchers who are renowned for their practical and innovative approach. Of the 35 engineering schools and faculties in Canada, ÉTS ranks among the best, with over 60 chairs, research centres, and laboratories, to which, many postdoctoral fellows and graduate students are associated. This synergy of expertise and experience contributes to scientific progress, higher industrial productivity and quality, as well as the training of a highly qualified workforce.

For additional information on ÉTS’s chairs, laboratories, and research groups, please visit the Research and Innovation section of the ÉTS web site at


MEDTEQ is the Quebec Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technology launched in 2012 with the financial support of the Government of Québec. Its goal is to support the emergence of innovative technological solutions and to accelerate the development of the sector in Quebec. MEDTEQ’s collaborative research model brings together the complementary skills of industrial partners and academic and research institutions with those of university teaching hospitals and their networks.

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