Squirrel Hill

Chris Lahiji  |

This weekend's update was scheduled to be drenched with baseball terminologies, my thoughts on the Dodgers (not looking good for its fan base), and the upcoming elections.

But all this changed yesterday when a horrific shooting took place in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 11 people lost their lives and six were wounded when a man enraged with hate decided to murder innocent people that were gathered at the local synagogue to celebrate the recent birth of a child. Our condolences go out to all the families impacted by this tragedy.

We can no longer live in a world that one can be safe anywhere, because people have access to weaponry everywhere. Something significant is going to need to happen in this country for this type of occurrence to stop happening with consistency. Blood is being spilled in places of worship, schools, and locales that promote and teach the "right" methodologies.

As a young man, I was taught out of the Bible, to love thyself and to make everyone around you better. Socially, physically, mentally, all of the above. Whether it is giving a helping hand to those in need, supporting your neighbors, or being available for your family. Love and kindness come in an infinite assortment of ways.

As a young adult, I would go to church every Sunday to reiterate all the things I learned as a child growing up in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The moral and ethical fabric in the United States has become tainted, and a lot of different organizations are to blame. Going back to the basics is what is required for people to come back to their senses. It feels that "doing good" is in short supply these days, and needs to make a comeback to combat all the recent divisiveness on the political side.

The stakes have never been higher for the upcoming mid-term elections. If my predictions follow the same suit as my investments and sport picks (not very accurate historically), then a lot of the incumbents shall win re-election. I believe that the turnout will be big on both sides.

Our government should do us a favor and make Election Day a national holiday so that everyone goes out and gets counted. Millions have died for our right to have the ability to elect officials, decide on state propositions, and to shape their local communities.

As one friend and active reader so eloquently states to those that do not partake in casting ballots, "Rich people vote and that is how you know it is important".


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In what was a hellacious week for markets, all indices other than the DJIA were down 2%+, though most were down more than 3% at one point Thursday.

Weekly Indicators for October 22-26, 2018

Biggest Movers In The Past Week

Firefish Inc
JetPay Corporation
Sipp Industries Inc New
Prophecy Development Corp.
Pyxis Tankers Inc.
Moxian Inc.
MJ Holdings Inc
Selecta Biosciences Inc.
Sears Holdings Corporation
Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Highest change in volume

National American University Holdings Inc.
403x avg
OCTOBER 24, 2018
Euroseas Ltd.
348x avg
OCTOBER 22, 2018
JetPay Corporation
342x avg
OCTOBER 22, 2018
Great Elm Capital Corp.
176x avg
OCTOBER 22, 2018
Regulus Therapeutics Inc.
169x avg
OCTOBER 23, 2018
Net Element Inc.
121x avg
OCTOBER 22, 2018
Symbility Solutions Inc
118x avg
OCTOBER 23, 2018
Sigma Labs Inc.
73x avg
OCTOBER 24, 2018
Universal Technical Institute Inc
61x avg
OCTOBER 24, 2018
TOP Ships Inc.
57x avg
OCTOBER 22, 2018

Most active volume

Yulong Eco-Materials Limited
625.85% / OS
OCTOBER 26, 2018
TOP Ships Inc.
305.11% / OS
OCTOBER 22, 2018
Net Element Inc.
252.96% / OS
OCTOBER 22, 2018
Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
223.61% / OS
OCTOBER 24, 2018
Euroseas Ltd.
195.38% / OS
OCTOBER 22, 2018
Regulus Therapeutics Inc.
194.46% / OS
OCTOBER 23, 2018
Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
147.72% / OS
OCTOBER 23, 2018
Diana Containerships Inc.
141.11% / OS
OCTOBER 22, 2018
Hartford Municipal Opportunities
118.71% / OS
OCTOBER 23, 2018
Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
108.00% / OS
OCTOBER 25, 2018

Sector change % over the week

Real Estate-1.36%
Consumer Defensive-2.08%
Financial Services-2.27%
Consumer Cyclical-2.39%
Communication Services-2.99%
Basic Materials-3.67%

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