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Spotlighting Companies That are Really Making a Difference on Earth Day

From providing renewable energy, to reducing carbon footprints and building technology to sustaining a healthier and cleaner environment.

In 1969, Gaylord Nelson, a Senator from Wisconsin, proposed a day to invigorate public consciousness about the deterioration of the Earth. At the time, Nelson was deeply impacted by the Santa Barbara oil spill that sent 3 million gallons of crude into the sparkling waters along the California coast. The oil slick was 35 miles long and became a rallying point for nascent environmentalists and stricken natives inspired by the counterculture of the 1960s. Senator Nelson along with co-chair, Republican Pete McCloskey, announced a “national teach-in on the environment”. The event was promoted across the country and on April 22nd, 1970, 20 million Americans from coast-to-coast demonstrated in the streets.

This coming weekend, citizens across the world will unite for the purpose of standing behind the cause of environmental and climate literacy. Earth Day 2017 is gathering more traction than ever before as unprecedented atmospheric events have been documented by scientific teams around the globe like the catastrophic bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef. As warming ocean waters and calving icebergs remain on the consciousness of scientists and activists, for many entrepreneurs and business owners it is also a focal point.

From providing renewable energy, to reducing carbon footprints and building technology to sustaining a healthier and cleaner environment, business models across the world are aligning with Earth Day’s. Here are a few exciting companies in various sectors with a green perspective.

Lithium, Cobalt, Graphite and the Rise of the Electric Battery

As consumer products, energy storage and electric vehicles maintain a reliance on lithium ion batteries, demand for the metals and resources that power this important product will continue to balloon. Here are a few intriguing companies to follow.

Enertopia Corporation (ENRT) (CSE:TOP) and Genesis Water Technologies Inc. (GWT) have collaborated to create an innovative method for lithium recovery that would save time, money and resources producing a finished refined product in minutes. The company recently released results that validate the specialized process with purity samples ranging from 93.7% to 96.9%. When this method is fully tested, Enertopia’s method would fast track lithium production and lower the carbon footprint significantly.

  • Goldrea Resources Corp. (GOR: CNX) is a Vancouver-based mineral exploration company that is working in the Gaspe, Quebec region and Clayton Valley, Nevada region for lithium. Both regions are strong prospects that hold potential to supply manufacturers with this much needed commodity. The Clayton Valley prospect, known as the Lift Property, is home to one of the only operating brine-based lithium mines in North America.
  • MGX Mineral Inc. (XMG: CNX), in partnership with Canada’s Purlucid Treatment Solutions, has found a way to extract lithium from the contaminated water used to sink oil rigs. The water that surfaces from these deep holes is full of toxins, but other valuable resources like lithium as well. MGX Minerals calls this water and oil brine byproduct “petro lithium” and they are working to establish it as a renewable energy source. The patent-pending process is environmentally friendly and could provide an unlimited supply of cheaply produced lithium. MGX’s technology could be a game-changer in a sector desperate for supply.
  • Most consumers are unaware that lithium ion batteries requires the key element of cobalt to provide long-lasting power. This fact is not lost on Cruz Cobalt Corp. (CUZ: CA) who is looking to answer the call to be North America’s most reliable source of cobalt, since most of the world’s supply currently comes from the unstable region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Booming electric car companies need a clean supply of cobalt. With nine projects across North America, Cruz is in good position to stay ahead of the curve as cobalt is expected to hit record levels.
  • Another key element inside a lithium ion battery is graphite and one of the most well-positioned companies in the market is Lomiko Metals, Inc. (LMR: CA) (LMRMF). With a multi-pronged approach, Lomiko is looking to mine for graphite and then following that material to its realization in a technology product. The company recently released high-grade graphite results from the Refractory Zone at its La Loutre Project in Southern Quebec. These results were exciting because they showed flake graphite near the surface, which would allow for easier extraction and a reduced carbon footprint. Those strong results sent the companies target price to $0.75 after the research firm, SeeThruEquity, updated its coverage. With a stake in the graphite industry and new technology, like its deal MegaHertz Power Systems to roll out the USB Spider Charger, Lomiko is capitalizing on the future and the important new lithium battery industry.

Reducing Green Houses Gases and Getting Better Fuel Economy

Besides being the #1 ranked company across all sectors on the TSX Venture, dynaCERT (DYA) (DYFSF) is addressing carbon emissions and green house gases head on with its HydraGEN™ unit, which delivers a hydrogen-oxygen mixture through electrolysis to combustion engines. Results received from the HydraGEN’s third party testing at the Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) verified up to 40% reduction in greenhouse gases, over 65% in particulate matter and up to 19.2% fuel consumption reductions. dynaCERT’s HydraGEN unit’s will now carry the European Conformity, or CE certification, allowing the technology to be traded freely and given it the stamp of health, safety and environmental protection on its HG1 (Class 6 to 8 trucks), HG2 (Class 2 to 5 trucks, refrigerated trailers and shipping containers) and HG3 (diesel-powered ocean ships, locomotives and stationary generators). With an expanded product line and new partnerships, dynaCERT is a company to watch as more and more companies look to reduce their carbon emissions.

Making the Farming Economy Ready for Business

Opinion surrounding the cannabis industry is that 2017 will be an explosive year for growth. Many growers and cannabis-based service companies are looking to get their businesses up and running in time to meet the rising demand. Cannabis startups are looking toward companies like New Age Farms Inc. (NWGFF) to help them scale costs and keep their momentum. New Age’s full turnkey service allows growers to get their foot in the door quicker and puts them in a position to plant and harvest much faster. At a New Age Farm property, clients can take advantage of the state-of-the art greenhouses, large warehouses with storage or the advanced processing equipment. The company recently just secured 3 three additional tenant farmers at its Moses Lake, Washington property. NWGFF also offers tenant-growers access to master grower’s expertise, storage, processing and production capabilities to help them reach the market quickly.

Using Biotechnology to Impact the Global Water Crisis

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CVAT; Berlin WTC) has patented hydrodynamic cavitation processes that address oil refining, renewable fuel production and water treatment amongst other myriad uses. However, CTi’s Cavitation and Electrocoagulation system that can purify waste water could make a huge impact in our world where 663 million people lack access to safe water, according to CTi’s purification system can remove bacteria and harmful viruses making water potable again. A recent partnership with GEA Group AG, Westfalia, a large European food supplier, will connect Cavitation’s Nano Reactor™ technology to a large audience, since CTi will now pasteurize and process various water and food products under the agreement. The partnership is just the beginning for a company whose innovations can clean water safely and give foods a longer shelf life.

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