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US electric car-maker Tesla is once again planning a revolution. Late Thursday, the Los Angeles-based company presented its battery storage for the home. The message was clear: finally, there is storage for fluctuating accumulating solar electricity. Tesla wants the energy industry up and kicking, thereby opening up a new multi-billion dollar market.

Experts, as well as virtually all major US media, were puzzled in the past few days over what exactly Elon Musk has in mind. Meanwhile, fueled by Twitter PR strategy is therefore risen again, in all the action is more expensive even Tesla's share.

However, some observers wonder also what to Tesla's battery should be so revolutionary at all - after all, are already numerous companies with similar products on the market. Especially in Europe, where electricity is expensive, the technology is rapidly gaining ground. Homeowners can even stored electricity from solar power plants and cogeneration plants save a lot of money.

"We are Making this Announcement Less for the Press, than for our Customers"

What Tesla can do, we can do better - the thought apparently also the Bavarian medium-sized solar battery, which is this country leader. And announced the day before Tesla's big show had the nerve to enter the US market. Together with Sungevity, a large installer of solar systems the Allgäu want to conquer the American basement, as the "San Francisco Chronicle" reported amazed.

"Tesla is a wonderful company," said Sungevity product manager Peter Graf was submissive. "We are making this announcement less for the press, as for our customers," he insisted. His company would never steal the tech giants from Palo Alto the show - and did.

And so the announcement of solar battery and Sungevity heats already in debates in specialist portals on a possible price war. So reports "Greentechmedia", the German-American duo was probably significantly cheaper than Tesla . Even for $ 10,000, would offer the David to a solar-battery combination, while the Goliath asking $ 13,000 alone for the battery. However, the report lacked information on the possible size of the respective products.

"Technically, Tesla will Have no Significant Superiority"

The matter highlights the fact that many experts doubt a possible technical supremacy of Tesla in domestic batteries. "Technically, Tesla is using the product have no significant superiority", expected about the battery expert Andreas Gutsch from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The rest of the industry was worried most because of the marketing power of Tesla. "You could also try using predatory pricing to roll over the market." But for the competitors seem prepared.

If Tesla on the same battery cells as set in the car, this is even a great disadvantage.For these indeed have a high energy density, but after losing 500 to 1000 charge cycles significantly capacity. At home, however, batteries are soon 5000-10000 charge cycles Standard.


Apart from a house battery Tesla will also present a mega battery on Thursday evening that can stabilize the grid by which electricity supplier. The market for these storage prized the research firm Navigant to 68 billion dollars in 2024. the State of California granted for both products sumptuous grants.

In Nevada Tesla is building a giant battery factory. There are to be built Batteries for cars, but also for stationary applications.The company wants to build 2020, about 500,000 cars a year in 2014 with just over 30,000.

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