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Some Light Business Reading for Your Thanksgiving Holiday

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, a lot of us are prepping for a massive meal, a long nap, and then trying our hardest to do nothing for the rest of a long weekend. Other supremely unlucky folks have to

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, a lot of us are prepping for a massive meal, a long nap, and then trying our hardest to do nothing for the rest of a long weekend. Other supremely unlucky folks have to work on Friday. A few completely insane people will rise at the crack of dawn and go to a shopping mall because, I would have to assume, they’re masochists.

But, for those of you trying to relax this weekend, here’s a look at some of the best articles to enjoy while tucking into that turkey sandwich or to have open on your iPad whilst you nap on your couch on and off for three hours.

Solar Roadways Not So Much a Path to Enlightenment

Your humble author may have found himself at the center of a touch of controversy after trying to observe what struck me as some pretty obvious flaws in one Idaho couples plans to pave America’s roads with solar panels. Form your own opinion on why I’m wrong by clicking the link below:

Why the Solar Roadways Project on Indiegogo is Actually Really Silly

The considerable response made me decide to try and use past major public works projects to provide some context:

The Potential Cost of Indigogo’s Solar Roadways with Some Historical Context

And when the Dutch decided to up the ante by actually putting in a solar bike path…I think it only proved me right:

Thing the Solar Bike Path in the Netherlands Means Solar Roadways are a Good Idea? Think Again

Other Silly Ideas…

Of course, while Solar Roadways remains a wild idea that isn’t really anywhere near becoming a reality, there are plenty of really terrible ideas that already have a lot of support. Or continue to be a part of our everyday lives for no discernible reason.

Here’s a look at why the persistent ideology of those gold bugs insisting that we return to the gold standard is, well, really stupid.

OPINION: Here's Why a Return to the Gold Standard Would be Completely Insane

And here’s a look at why our continued insistence on focusing on the Dow Jones Industrial Average as anything other than an utter and complete relic is just crazy. Read for yourself here:

Opinion: The DJIA is a Relic and We Need to Move On

“You’re Wrong!” “No, YOU’RE Wrong!”

Last week,’s Research Analyst Nicholas Bhandari and I exchanged some emails about everyone’s favorite company, Apple (AAPL) . We looked over what the company’s future prospects may be as it cruises past a valuation of $700 billion. Read it here:

Can Apple's (AAPL) Stock Just Keep Climbing? A Spirited Email Exchange

Some Light Business Viewing

Ok, so if you’re only just perusing the internet prior to settling in for a serious rendezvous with Netflix (NFLX) , we can actually help you there. Because if you watch a movie that’s about business, it half counts as working, right? Here’s a look at some finance-related movies that are worth a watch in our esteemed opinion:

Five Great Wall Street Movies Available on Netflix Streaming

And here’s a look at the editorial staff’s favorite business-related scenes captured on film:

The Best Scenes from Movies About Wall Street

CrossFit Gets…Cross

So one thing you could do this weekend that would NOT be in the spirit of the holiday would be some exercise. So, here’s a look at some questions about the CrossFit revolution and how the business is organized:

CrossFit’s Business Model Isn’t Pulling Its Weight

Jumpstart Your Shopping…If You Must

So, if you MUST do some shopping this weekend, you could go whole hog and really impress someone with a car. But, if you’re like me, you probably feel like anyone getting someone a surprise Lexus with a red bow on it would have to be just the worst person in America. That said, an electric car is still a great ride, good for the environment, and it’s on the cutting edge of technology. Here’s a look at some of your best options:

The Best Electric Cars: EV Market Gets Even More Crowded as Competition Heats Up

And while fancy HD television sets aren’t quite the novelty buy they were 10 years ago, Samsung’s new curved TV could be a snazzy gift to impress folks this holiday season.

Or You Could Just Give Cash…

Of course, paying for any gifts, or having the luxury to take a long weekend despite the markets being open on Friday, is all the easier if your portfolio’s been crushing it this year. Here’s a look at some of our investing basics content that can help you learn what you need to know about investing so future holidays can be especially fruitful:

How to Invest in Stocks: Strategies for Beginning and Advanced Investors

What IS Stock? The Definition and Meaning of Public Ownership

What are Mutual Funds?

What is an Index?

What is an ETF?

Why Invest in ETFs?

A Guide to Shorting Stocks

What are Stock Options?

Finally, here is a link to the strategies of the market’s best investors over the years:

Invest Like the Best: Investing Strategies from the All-Time Greats

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Investing

Whatever you wind up doing this weekend, here’s hoping you get a chance to spend it with family and/or friends, provided those are the people that make you feel thankful. Or maybe just spend it looking over your portfolio. If it’s been a good year for you so far, that could hit the spot better than that Friday afternoon turkey sandwich.

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