Social Movement Exhibits High Interest Levels in Marijuana Legalization

Brittney Barrett  |

Medicinal Cannabis is already considered legal in sixteen states and there appears to be considerable incentive in many remaining states to enact similar measures. Medicinal marijuana can be used to treat a host of ailments from anorexia to nausea and according to a recent research report, possibly even post traumatic stress disorder. Attitudes have been consistently changing toward medicinal marijuana and the latest news on the topic from Washington is perhaps the most telling yet of the shift.

Americans, when given the possibility to petition the administration online and receive a mandatory response for any issue that receives 5,000 plus signatures in 30 days, chose to elevate a movement to “Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol,” right up to the top.

The fast rise of the petition has made a response from the administration compulsory, while elucidating the importance of this issue to the American public. The legalization of cannabis will not only help those individuals suffering from the variety of ills marijuana has been shown to help, but also help the government itself with another major problem, its debt.

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While the exact amount of marijuana being circulated in the United States is not available for exact figures, the industry has been estimated at a massive $45 billion. The taxation of legal marijuana, alongside the funds saved by eliminating marijuana related arrests and enforcement would help the government take in a considerable amount of much needed cash.

The lucrative nature of marijuana has already been well documented by the companies currently laboring in the emerging medicinal marijuana market. General Cannabis (CANA), among the pioneers on this front has already observed an impressive response to their technology-based Internet marketing services company. Recognizing the increased interest and corporate competition within the market, General Cannabis acquired, WeedMaps Media, which runs the popular doctor and dispensary finder site

In August, the enterprise announced record monthly revenue of $1.2 million, up from $1.0 million in July 2011. The company has seen awareness of WeedMaps reach new highs as the site drew in 8.5 million page views last month, up from 6.2 million page views in July 2011.

The interest is reaching an all time high and General Cannabis exists as proof of the financial viability of the industry.

The latest petition and General Cannabis have something else is common as well, the role of the internet in the changing face of cannabis. The internet has allowed for a louder voice for medical marijuana supporters who can no longer be marginalized by the mainstream media. For General Cannabis, they have harnessed the power of the internet to create a more cohesive and competitive industry that resembles main stream businesses much more than it does the illegal fringe trade it once was.

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