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Senestech Inc. (SNES): Disrupting Pest Control by Targeting Rodent Fertility

SenesTech, Inc. (SNES) is a pest control company we are watching that might be a huge disruptor in this often overlooked space.

If you have ever worked in a large office building, you have certainly encountered pests. You leave out that anniversary cake overnight and rodents are happy to celebrate your achievement. SenesTech, Inc. (SNES) is a pest control company we are watching that might be a huge disruptor in this often overlooked space.

SenesTech – Discovery World from Reality2 on Vimeo.

SenesTech develops proprietary technology that manages animal pest populations through fertility control. The Company’s first fertility control product candidate, ContraPest®controls rat infestations by targeting the reproductive capabilities of both sexes, inducing egg loss in female rodents and impairing sperm development in males. Using proprietary bait stations, ContraPest is dispensed in a highly palatable liquid formulation that promotes sustained consumption by rodent communities. ContraPest is safe to all handlers, unlike the historical approach of rodenticides, which have a high risk of environmental contamination and the poisoning of non-target animals, pets and children.

The company recently hired an important team member: Dr. Sandra Alcaraz. Dr. Alcaraz has a bachelor’s in biology from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia, and master’s and doctoral degrees in entomology from The Ohio State University. “I look forward to assisting SenesTech in the registering of ContraPest worldwide, as it is truly a technology with the potential of revolutionizing rodent control practices everywhere in the world,” said Dr. Alcaraz in the company press release. In the same relese, the company gave an update on ContraPest’s business outlook: “We have received EPA registration of ContraPest, a truly innovative sustainable approach to pest control. EPA registration is considered the global gold standard of regulatory approval, but, as important as the U.S. market is to us, we intend to move rapidly to address the global opportunity facing us,” said Dr. Loretta P. Mayer, Chair, CEO and co-founder of SenesTech. “While continuing to work with key customers in the U.S., we intend to increase the attention and resources we are devoting to international markets. Dr. Alcaraz will be a key contributor to pursuing opportunities to leverage our EPA registration outside the U.S.”

Senestech is a technological disruptor in a very important field. This company could reduce toxins in our environment and save cities millions.

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