Scalping Tickets for Joel Osteen Megachurch

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Selling Salvation one Book at a Time

First there was loaves and fish that fed 5,000, a free event and meal presented by Jesus Christ. Times have changed, we now have Megachurches with 3,000 - 40,000+ people in one stadium looking for the righteous path and being led by charismatic Evangelists with great hair and white teeth.

Osteen Minstries sign with Sirius XM

Joel Osteen is easily the most successful conductor of the masses. He has just signed a deal with Sirius XM to broadcast his message of hope to exclusive subscribers. A few weeks ago his ministry suffered a terrible blow when $600,000 was stolen along with credit card and bank information of his loyal flock. This was a weekend takings for the Houston based house of redemption. The proceeds were insured, so his tax-free contribution won't be missed. What about all the congregation that had their bank and credit card information compromised. Well they are advised to keep an eye on their accounts.

Osteen and his wife spread a message of hope and wealth to their congregation making no excuses for their $10 million home, private jets, and “modest” style. His appearances and book signings come with all the rock star trimmings, security, autographs and photo ops with the meek.

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Selling out fast. Their stadium tour that is!

Currently his sold out tour is coming to a city near you including Yankee Stadium, NY on Saturday, June 7th. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster (LYV) Stubhub (EBAY) from $35 to $850. Yes $850 for good seats for an event listed as Seminar, but they will be sending the basket around to help keep the ministry alive.

Osteen has informed us all that he makes no money from the collections, he is currently worth $40 million but his books and trinkets can be purchased, he has those God given rights, not to mention his latest book deal $13 million to help keep the lights on at home and gas in his jet.

High Cost of Redemption

MegaChruches have paved the way for so much profit and expense. Many of the weekly set up and media displays are done not by empolyees but volunteers giving back to their church. How many of these Pastors give back, not in words but in actions? Their recent onstage endorsement by Elizabeth Dole said they “provide hope and inspiration to so many individuals across our great nation,” with reference to Veterans Caregivers, is a disgrace. If that veteran caregiver happened to be homosexual, according to this shepherd, then they are sinners no matter what kind of life they live.

In every city there are slick new pastors starting ministries and building wealth and power from their loyal followings. They are no different than all religions in that respect. There is no worse threat to us from Joel Osteen as there is from the Catholic Church, or any other religion. Business is business, so lets understand that.

Every person has the right to believe and donate to whatever causes they wish, we are allowed to pray to whatever God in whatever way they want choosing the message that best suits us.

Get Your Tickets here!

I am just amused that I must first shell out money on Ticketmaster or Stubhub in order to witness what is sure to be an inspirational and hopeful message at this seminar. If I can’t make it, I can always listen to it on Sirius XM once I subscribe to the ministries channel.

I may just use the money and donate it to a local charity or good cause. I could buy a homeless person many meals with the price of a ticket, or donate to the local childrens' hospital. It may not get me into heaven, but it could help others.


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