Ritter Pharmaceuticals Aims to Lead Innovation in Treatment of Lactose Intolerance

Destiny A. Lopez  |

Who doesn’t like ice cream treats, flavored yogurts, and drinking cereal milk straight from the bowl. While one’s taste buds may rejoice, the body may not be so excited at the presence of lactose. Lactose intolerance, a condition where the body has difficulty digesting the natural sugar found in milk and dairy products called lactose, affects more than four billion people worldwide. Symptoms, typically seen 30 minutes to two hours after consuming dairy products, can include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. Ritter Pharmaceuticals (RTTR), a specialty pharmaceutical company, is moving forward towards alleviating those suffering from lactose intolerance with their latest developments.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Ritter Pharmaceuticals is on a mission to develop treatment solutions for digestive diseases. Primarily focused on the treatment of lactose intolerance, Ritter’s lead product, RP-G28, has the potential to become the first FDA-approved drug for the treatment of lactose intolerance.

According to the company’s official website, a randomized, placebo-controlled Phase 2 trial of RP-G28 demonstrated overwhelmingly positive results. Highlights from this trial include:

  • Patients administered RP-G28 saw no significant study-drug related adverse events.
  • Subjects in the RP-G28 group experienced reduced symptoms post-treatment.
  • A majority of subjects saw no abdominal pain associated with eating dairy after taking RP-G28.

Up 11.84% today, the company has seen a number of positive developments in recent months. Last week, Maxim Group, a leading full-service investment banking, securities and wealth management firm, initiated coverage on the company.

Last month, the company revealed its Q4 and 2015 year end results. Highlights from these reports include:

  • Entering into a $10 million common stock purchase agreement with Aspire Capital Fund.
  • Generating gross proceeds of $20 million with successful closing of initial public offering in June.

“2015 was a significant year for Ritter Pharmaceuticals with financing and building activities preparing us for the first quarter 2016 commencement of our Phase 2b/3 trial of RP-G28 and dosing of our first patient,” said Michael D. Step, CEO of Ritter Pharmaceuticals. “With 6 trial sites currently screening subjects, we expect to have 20 sites recruiting by mid-year, and are on-track to report top-line data in early 2017. We have effectively utilized our assets to reach this important milestone, and have further established a solid foundation for long-term growth and success by strengthening our executive and advisory teams with key appointments, as well as adding important patents to our portfolio.”

Furthermore, Ritter Pharmaceuticals dosed its first patient in its Phase 2b/3 clinical trial of RP-G28 in March. As part of the trial, 350 patients will be randomized at up to 20 U.S. locations where patients will undergo a 30-day treatment process. Post treatment, an evaluation in be conducted where dairy will be re-introduced into the diet.

“We are pleased to have initiated dosing in the Phase 2b/3 clinical trial of our lead product candidate, RP-G28 for the treatment of lactose intolerance, said Andrew J. Ritter, Founder and President of Ritter Pharmaceuticals. “This puts us on the path towards potential commercialization of the first FDA-approved drug for this indication.”

Ritter Pharmaceuticals' is on track to bring much needed relief to those diagnosed with lactose intolerance. The company's groundbreaking RP-G28 is not only positioned to ease, and possibly eliminate, the discomfort of consuming dairy; but, also in addressing the unmet need for long-term treatment of lactose intolerance. The investment community looks forward to future developments from the company.

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