ReWalk’s Personal Exoskeleton System Approved by Healthcare Plan

Stephen L Kanaval  |

The battle for all individuals with spinal cord injuries to receive exoskeleton technology just took one step closer to victory.

ReWalk Robotics (RWLK), the leading developer and manufacturer of the only FDA approved Personal exoskeleton technology was approved for coverage and reimbursement by a commercial health plan. This overturns a previous ruling that denied a surgeon an exoskeleton, in turn forcing him to use a wheelchair during his 11 work day.

This ruling confirms that the ReWalk system is not an experiment or an untried piece of technology. The system and its benefits are clinically sound and verified. This ruling proves it is becoming clear that all spinal cord injuries should be treated with this system.

ReWalk’s robotic exoskeletons are life-changing for many individuals. The wearable systems allow a person with a spinal cord injury to stand and walk independently. It has been shown through studies how this basic act will boost an individual’s emotional and physical quality of life. Founded in 2001, the Rewalk company uses highly- tested brace supports, a computer-based control system, and motion sensors that will keep a lower limb disabled individual walking and active. Also, Studies have identified a number of health benefits including: improved bladder and bowel function, improved mental health, improved sleep, reduced fatigue, decreased body fat, decreased pain and improved posture and balance.

In addition, ReWalk’s Personal Exoskeleton was just utilized in a Department of Veteran Affairs study titled, Exoskeleton Assisted-Walking in Persons With SCI: Impact on Quality of Life." Rewalk provided the VA with six of its robotic systems to allow the department to gather research. The findings will be extremely vital to see how robotics can improve the quality of life for a person with a spinal cord injury.

The VA was given ReWalk’s 6.0 Personal System, which is custom-made for each individual. The unique fit and design gives the greatest utility. This is also the fastest exoskeleton system on the market. "Our experience and feedback from daily use of the ReWalk systems in the community, combined with technical advances achieved by our R&D organization have enabled this next generation prosthetic exoskeleton," said Jodi Gricci, VP of Global Marketing and Training at ReWalk. "Our user evaluations with the 6.0 demonstrated the value of better fit, improved gait control and more comfort with the removal of the backpack in this streamlined design."

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