Reed's Brings Big Promise to the Growing Craft Beverage Market

Destiny A. Lopez  |

Over the years, trust in big business has, to put it mildly, waned. Particularly among the up and coming generations, millennials in this case, individuals are actively looking for alternatives to large corporate brands. When it comes to lifestyle, leisure, and food and beverages, largely among 20-and-thirty somethings, bigger does not mean better.

According to The Washington Post, even though craft sodas are a small slice of the $77 billion annual soda market, the craft sector is growing even as overall soda sales decline. Out of the concern for consuming any number of additives, preservatives, or, the cleverly vague, “natural ingredients,” consumers are seeking to do business with small business and brands outside of major conglomerates. A number of markets, including coffee, beer, and soda, are going through a sort of new age renaissance. For indie soda companies, going old school and using traditional brewing methods has proved to be a winning strategy. One company, Reeds, Inc. (REED), the leading maker of craft sodas, is among those setting a new standard.

Reeds’ award winning ginger beverages, craft sodas, and kombucha are some of the most sought after on the market. Calling upon the same skills used to craft a fine microbrew, Reeds further sets the company apart from the very beginning. It’s beverages are brewed in a brewery by elite brewmasters; and, this extra care, along with a reputation for a stellar product, has landed Reed’s products in over 15,000 natural stores and markets.

“We were the first company to ever brew a soda commercially and now we are the leader of the fast growing craft soda category,” said Chris Reed, Founder and CEO of Reed’s (REED) “Innovation is part of our DNA, from how we fund and run our company, to the radical approaches we take to bring the customers incredible flavors in unique, first of its kind packaging. We are proud of our accomplishments and appreciate this recognition.”

The company is certainly not lacking in the awards and recognition department. Reed’s has announced a number of positive developments, including:

  • Stater Bros. Markets have authorizing Reed’s and Virgil’s brands throughout Southern California.
  • Fourth quarter preliminary sales increasing by 12.8 percent to a quarterly record $12.4 million compared to last year’s fourth quarter sales of $11.0 million.
  • Partnering with DP Distribution, LLC, one of the largest US based independently owned distributors.

Furthermore, last month, Reed was named named #4 of the Top 50 Beverage World Disrupters 2.0 by World Beverage Magazine, one of the industry’s leading publications.

By approaching its products like a fine wine, and utilizing traditional brewing methods, Reed’s is positioned to continue to expand its product reach and further its reputation as an industry leading brand. Take it from this millennial: Reed’s Spiced Apple Cider is worth the search.

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