Radient Technologies and Aurora Cannabis Continue Their Quest for the Best Cannabinoid Extracts in the Industry

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The extraction of health-related actives from plant materials to maximize their impact is a common practice in many industries. Extraction is used in food, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and now, most importantly, the booming cannabis market. In the case of cannabis, cannabinoids are extracted from the plant matter to create a variety of end-products and medicinal treatments or for adult recreational use.

Cannabinoids represent a crucial new breakthrough in the pharmaceutical sector, where the extract might be of therapeutic use in chronic pain, immunosuppression, anti-allergic effects, anti-emesis, sedation and various other physiological effects. Due to this progressive movement, the extraction method is more valuable than ever. Radient Technologies Inc. (RTI:CA) has developed one of the most advanced extraction technologies in the industry. The company's renowned proprietary extraction technology, called MAPTM, represents the new standard in solvent extraction that outperforms conventional extraction methods.

Radient has already established itself in a variety of industries, including biofuels, food and beverage, nutrition, supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, but it is the partnership with Aurora Cannabis that has investors so enthused.

Aurora represents one of the largest licensed medical cannabis producers in Canada and by the end of 2018, is likely to be the largest marijuana grower in the world with their ongoing expansion plan. By combining their resources with Radient's technology platform this could create a juggernaut in quality control and standardization for cannabinoids in the burgeoning industry. So, it was no surprise recently when the two companies released news that the test results from their research joint venture were positive and that Radient's technology had been validated by the research data. The test results represent an important milestone for Radient and sets the table for the company's future growth going forward.

"The positive outcome of the joint research project is a key milestone in the commercial development of Radient," said Radient's CEO, Denis Taschuk. "With these results in our pocket, we are now able to commercialize our technology in what has become the fastest growing sector of the North American economy. We are very pleased to embark on this journey with Aurora, who have proven to embrace innovation and who have developed one of the strongest brands within the cannabis industry, both in Canada and internationally."

What’s Next for Radient?

Aurora was very pleased with the results as well and agreed to negotiate an exclusive development and commercialization agreement for the use of Radient's technology going forward. Aurora had already invested$2 millionin a Radient convertible debenture related to the MOU, and separately was the lead investor in a $6.0 million brokered private placement. In that placement, Aurora invested $1.25 millionin Radient, bringing its initial investment to up to $3.25 million. Finally, the two established an exclusive joint venture for additional scientific research and development of cannabis products.

"These results clearly validate the game changing nature of Radient's technology for the cannabis sector," said Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora. "The ability to produce high-purity concentrates at very high throughputs, while preserving terpene profiles, will provide a substantial competitive advantage for us in addressing the high- growth concentrates market. We see a number of factors that will require a significant expansion of production capacity for extracts, including our own expanding national and international footprint, the continued strong growth of the medical market in Canada, Germany and Australia, and the commencement of Canadian adult usage sales anticipated for July of 2018. The exclusive use of Radient's technology positions us as the clear leader in this field."

Instilling Confidence in Cannabis

Radient's Technology is so valuable to cannabis producers like Aurora because of what it can mean for active ingredient purity and patient safety. The company's proprietary MAP™ platform provides superior customer outcomes in terms of extract quality, standardization, yield and cost.

MAP™ Demonstration Facility

"Ensuring patient confidence in the purity and safety of the cannabis products they consume is, in our view, a prerequisite for a properly functioning market," Taschuk added. "The already encouraging results of our collaboration with Aurora, coupled with our rigorous Quality Management System ("QMS") ensuring strict quality control and quality assurance prior to the release of products for commercial distribution, are well aligned with Aurora's efforts towards greater transparency."

Recent results did not waver or disappoint. The research results, verified and confirmed by Anandia Labs Inc., a leading Canadian independent cannabis testing laboratory, demonstrated consistently high extraction efficiencies of up to 98% (quantitative recovery), compared to 80-85% typical for conventional technologies. In addition, the results showed remarkably short processing times of as little as five minutes, as compared to approximately six hours for currently used commercial technologies. Moreover, high purity levels were observed for the extracts produced time and time again, at least on par with those achieved using conventional methods.

Joint data indicates that production levels in excess of 1,500 kg per day can potentially be achieved using Radient's proprietary large-scale continuous-flow MAP™ extractor. This number far exceeds what can be achieved using conventional methods. Replication of this technology in other locations or on a larger or smaller scale is also feasible. Lastly, and most importantly, extract profiles obtained during the project show near full preservation of cannabinoid and terpene profiles in the extracts.

Vertical Growth Ahead

Radient's MAP technology is a natural fit for the cannabis industry and clearly has demonstrated its ability to extract high-quality cannabinoids from dry cannabis, but the technology platform's potential is vast.

The MAP technology's validation in the tests with Aurora opens the door for companies to possibly further explore the technology platform in other sectors. The recent data is just another example of how the Company's game-changing extraction process is faster and less detrimental to the material. As shown in the research tests with Aurora, extraction time is significantly shaved and purity levels are high.

From its licensed and GMP-approved 20,000-square-foot facility in Edmonton, Canada, Radient has already validated its technology withlipids, terpenes, glycosides, proteins and alkaloids. Consumer demand for extracted natural ingredients of all types is rising and the specialty pharmaceutical market could exceed $20 billion, so with proven commercial scalability and high profit margins, Radient could be a world-class expert in more than just the budding cannabis industry.

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