Pumps and Dumps Pt. 1 – Email Scams Everywhere

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Today, Email Pumps and Dumps are on my mind

I think of the crafty, sleazy guys that are behind the well crafted and very carefully written pumps from stock promoters who have a stake in the phony corporation and claims that are suggested in the newsletters.

Stocktips.com has been a great source of huge break outs, but lets do some due diligence. Their site touts amazing gains in recent months, but here is something very suspicious about these penny stock sites. Awesome Penny Stocks is another site on my radar

757% Gains SNPK

757% Gains SNPK  - This stock has ceased trading. Losing investors millions and gaining millions for the promoter. This is what their site shows,


80% Gains ECYT – This stock actually traded at 28.18 in March of 2014.

This stock Promotion is just another attempt to try to give CPR to a failing company. Desperate measures that cost the unsavy investor by promoting a dying company.

AMWI 893% Gains

AMWI 893% gains – This stock is from 2011 (look at dates on chart), and it has since March 2014 traded under ITEC. Amwest Imaging located in Indiana in 2011, and one of biggest pump and dumps of that year, is now listed under a different ticker and located in Arizona. So, lets take a closer look at this Awesome Penny Stock as I love a great comeback story.


In 2011 AMWI was promoted by Penny stock websites including Awesome Penny Stocks, many other featured on Yahoo, Google, CNN money sites delivering their great new that helped the gains raise 893%.

Here is a little update from the Concerned Guys at Stocktips.com in Jan 2012

We no longer cover AMWI and this update is to close out our coverage with a summary of results. We initially alerted our readers to AMWI on November 18, 2011 when it was being promoted. Readers could have purchased AMWI the next trading day for between $0.14 and $0.201. Theoretically the maximum profit on this stock based on our alert was 893%, but in reality alert investors should have made profits in the 60% to 120% range within 3 weeks.

The Site Awesome Penny Stocks was shut down and has been under investigation from the SEC on several occasions. Their resurrection never discusses the problems that the site owner is going through.

So Who Wins on The Pumps and Dumps.

Well the stock promoters make out like bandits, they receive lots of money to promote these very suspicious stocks. A few minutes on stockpromoters.com will give you an idea of the money involved. RDI,. Penny Gurus, Joes Penny Stock etc. receive upto $75,000 to send out emails for one day. That’s a lot of money. There are usually stock promoters who have bought millions of shares at .01 then sells when the stock peaks, earning them a nice 6 - 7 figure day or week.

The investor, well not really, driven by exaggerated claims and an idea that they can believe the hype get in and wait too long to dump the stock, so the regular guys like you and I, we lose. Sometimes we lose big, but the promoters themselves have no soul. They have placed a disclaimer with their compensation and then a bit of text about how "investing is risky."

I have never invested in one of these scams and never will. I hope that more investors become aware of this.

Yes, investing carries risks, but when the deck is stacked against you, its hard to win.

I may add a part 2 here going into more details at some time.

Stay tuned and invest wisely.


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