PreveCeutical Medical: Scorpion Venom Assists in Health and Wellness

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Equities would like to retract and apologize for the dissemination of an article published on our site and emailed to PreveCeutical shareholders and interested parties on Sunday December 12, 2016. The article had not been reviewed for a fact check prior to publishing and the article’s references to:

“Polarized scorpion venom as an aid to treating cancer patients called CELLB9”; and “Scientists have devised a method for targeting venom proteins specifically to malignant cells while sparing healthy ones, which reduces or eliminates side effects that the toxins would otherwise cause” is inaccurate. There is currently no clinical research concluding that polarized scorpion venom, as a natural compound, aids in the treatment of cancer patients.

Since publishing of this article on Sunday December 12, 2016, PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (the “Company”) has implemented revised disclosure controls and procedures to review all disclosures of the Company prior to dissemination. Again we apologize for the error, and noted below is the final approved article for your review.

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (“PreveCeutical” or the “Company”) is a health and wellness company that has applied to the Canadian Securities Exchange for the listing of its Class A common shares. The Company specializes in preventative treatments and well-being.

PreveCeutical was launched in 2015 when the company began to manufacture and sell polarized scorpion venom as a potential immune system booster called CELLB9, an oral solution. The peptide from the Caribbean Blue Scorpion was isolated by Dr. Arthur Mikaelian. The active potentiated ingredients in the Blue Scorpion serum, a colourless and odourless solution, appears to support health at a deep cellular level, having been used for many years in over 40 countries. Since then, the company has been building its strategy to find products in nature to help prevent illnesses and maladies.

As the company’s shares go public, here is a snapshot of their growth strategy according to the company press release:

  • Focus on Preventive Medicine.
    As information from electronic medical records becomes available in the cloud, health care tasks are moving online, and the digitalization of diagnoses has implications for predictive and preventive medicine. For example, when patients register slight increases in temperature through the use of wearable technologies, medical practitioners can detect early symptoms of potential viral infection, allowing them to implement care solutions to minimize symptomology and illness duration. The Company intends for its preventative medicine product offering to complement such trends.
  • Focus on natural treatments, cures and remedies.
    There is a consumer driven market emerging for “alternative” treatments. Western medicine and big pharma are facing a market that demands access to much more information and are examining natural products and treatments that have not been included in the Western approach to medicine. A good example of this is the growing interest being driven by millennials in vitamins and supplements, including the huge interest in cannabis, holistic medicines and other traditional remedies. Chinese Alternative Health Practitioners recognized Scorpion Venom's effectiveness centuries ago. As such, increase in consumer focus on natural treatments, cures and remedies may help the Company better market its Blue Scorpion Venom.
  • Personalization of Healthcare.
    The Internet has the potential to enable the connection of devices that can support predictive medicine and products by linking a patient’s wellness goals to their lifestyle, and PreveCeutical believes that this may lead into opportunities for providing personalized healthcare and such provision moving from being a luxury to a necessity in competitive healthcare markets.

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