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Precious Metals: T-Minus 3 Seconds To Liftoff

A large bump in precious metals is soon to unfold. Today's article presents some of our research and what it may mean.


Day, Swing, and Long-Term Investor. Own rental properties and self-storage facility.
Day, Swing, and Long-Term Investor. Own rental properties and self-storage facility.

We take great pride in our research team’s ability to make accurate predictions and calls in the markets. In addition to the many predictions and calls we’ve made over the past few years, our Gold prediction from October 2018 continues to astound many industry professionals. We receive emails from people asking how we were able to make such an incredible call in Gold 6 to 8 months before these price moves? We politely tell these people that our research team and our proprietary predictive modeling tools assist us in finding and making these incredible predictions. The simple answer is it takes hard work, specialized tools and a lot of skill and research.

Please take a minute to review some of our research from
January 2019 that highlighted this incredible prediction for Gold and the
supporting, more recent, research posts suggesting Silver is the real sleeper




Today, we are highlighting what we believe is the momentum impulse move in Gold that will become the catalyst for the future move in Gold & Silver throughout the rest of this year and likely all of 2020. The key element to launch Gold and Silver beyond current resistance levels is bound by two factors and could be boosted by a third. The first two factors are “fear and greed”.

Investors are continually searching for suitable investments
with healthy returns and moderate risk.
As we have learned from the past, capital will flow into any investment,
even instruments that include incredible long term risk factors, when the
opportunity exists for gains and risk is mitigated. The current upside price move in Gold is just
such an event.

The recent news items add additional fuel to the Precious Metals rally because they foster increased fear related to the global economy and potential military action or increased uncertainty. This fear translates into the action of “protect my investments that may be exposed to greater risk and find an investment that reduces this risk and provides for greater returns/gains”. That is the question Gold investors are asking themselves all over the world right now.

The booster fuel, which would drive Gold and Silver into
another galaxy is the US Dollar. If the
US Dollar were to weaken, even by 4% to 7%, while a global uncertainty event
continued to unfold, we believe this valuation pressure would push Gold and
Silver well above our current expectations.

When we think about the current environment for precious metals, one has to understand that fear and greed don’t have to be tangible or overwhelming. This process is almost like a perpetual motion machine. Once the process gets started where investors pile into Gold because of the fear and greed factors, the price of gold rises. Because the price of gold rises, traders start to pay closer attention to what is happening in gold and the greed factor starts to increase. Once they are convinced this is a bigger opportunity and their fear levels are still valid, the conclusion is “I don’t want to miss this move in Gold, so I’ll get it now – before the big move happens”.

It is as simple as that.
And this is why we are saying “T-Minus Three Seconds” before the big
breakout move really takes shape. That
is our way of saying, it could happen any day now. The breakout move and the momentum base
appear to be ready to go.

This Gold daily chart highlights the recent upward price move and shows just how quickly price can rally. This resulted in a $75 price rally (+6%) in a matter of 10+ days. Imagine what that will look like after Gold breaks above $1650 on the fear/greed move.

This Gold Weekly chart highlights what we expect to be the first upside leg – the move to $1450. After that, we expect a brief pause in the rally (possibly 7 to 21+ days), then another big move higher where the price will rally above $1650. That bigger move should solidify the focus of global investors and, much like the big move in Bitcoin, should attract a large number of investors not wanting to miss the rest of the upside move.

Silver is what we are calling the “sleeper trade” for
precious metals bugs. Sure, Gold has all
the action right now because it is the leading metal to offset this fear/greed
factor. Silver always lags behind gold
because it is the “little brother” to the bigger players in gold. As our research has shown, when the move
begins, Silver is actually a better trade than Gold because it will likely
increase in price by a factor of 1.4 to 1.8 compared to the rally in gold

We believe the next move in Silver will target $18 to
$20. These price levels below $15 are a
gift for anyone willing to take the trade.

This Monthly Silver chart shows what we believe will be the
upside price waves as silver advances past $22.
Read the research posts, above, again to learn more about our more
detailed expectations. It is all right
there for you to see and understand.

T-Minus Three And Counting.
We believe this setup is about to break to the upside and there is not
much time left to see prices near these levels.
Below $1400 in gold and below $15 in silver are about to end. When this really does begin to lift off as
we’ve been predicting, we may never see these price levels again. Well, at least in the foreseeable future.


Its been an incredible year and a half for many reasons. We and our Subscribers portfolios are up over 91%. We called forecasted each and every move in gold 8 months before it all unfolded right down to the week for the low/bottom.

This May we said it was a sell in May set up and we profited from the rally leading into May and traded and inverse ETF to profit from the correction. We then profited from the safe haven money flow into the utility sector which rallied while the stock market fell. And to top it off we shorted the vix spike for a quick 25% gain during a time when everyone else was panicking.

So what does this all this mean? It means we have a good pulse on the major markets and can profit during times when most others can’t.

I can tell you that huge moves are about to start unfolding not only in metals, or stocks but globally and some of these super cycles are going to last years. These super cycles starting to take place will go into 2020 and beyond which we lay out in our new book/guide: 2020 Cycles – The Greatest Opportunity Of Your Lifetime

Thanks for reading.

Until next time, Chris Vermeulen

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