PODCAST: A Volcano Is About to Blow in the Insurance Industry

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by Iris

Podcast with Bob Larsen

Boomers are sitting on top of a volcano that is about to blow. They are losing millions of $, and they are totally unaware of what is happening: they’re sitting on top of a volcano that is about to blow in the insurance industry.

Join Bob as he explains how and why eight major insurance companies are at this point of near-explosion.

  • Why, after hundreds of years, would insurance companies increase the expenses inside of their life policies?
  • Why have these insurance companies chosen policies issued between the years 1990-2009?
  • How come baby boomers with life insurance are particularly vulnerable?
  • Why is it essential for baby boomers to have a financial analysis on their life insurance policies?
  • What is the benefit of the analysis?
  • What should people consider when they’re buying life insurance?

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