PC Connection (PCCC) Posts Sales Record for Q4

Stephen L Kanaval  |

PC Connection (PCCC) posted a fourth quarter net sales increase of 8.5% to $684.3M and net income for the quarter rose by 14.0%. In a released statement, this Fortune 1000 company boosted net sales for the year by 4.5%, which amounts to an increase of $110.6 million (cited from earning statement – available here).

PC Connection has three wholly owned sales companies: PC Connection Sales Corp., MoreDirect, Inc., and GovConnection, Inc. The Large Account segment increased by 22.8% in the fourth quarter, mainly due to the uptick in the healthcare market. In the SMB segment (Server Message Block), the fourth quarter also saw a gross margin increase by 15.9%. Notebook/mobility sales which represent a large product area for PCCC increased by 20% in net sales for the quarter. Furthermore, software sales also saw a spike as well. Overall, gross profits jumped by $8.7 million amounting to about 10.5% in the fourth quarter.

"The Company had record performance in both net sales and net income this quarter and for the year ended December 31, 2015. We were able to increase sales and earnings, while continuing to make investments to strengthen our capabilities as a leading National Solutions Provider," said Timothy McGrath, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Also, for the fifth consecutive year, we paid a special dividend to shareholders. We believe our team and the strategies we have in place position us well to gain market share and increase long-term shareholder value," (cited from the earning statement linked above).

PCCC is a diversified company that sells and a variety of different products and equipment, and another interesting thing to note is that the company’s cash is at $80.2 million, up from $60.9 million last year. This makes a well-managed company with to cash to spend and an excellent sales record.

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