On the Verge of New Highs?

Stan Harley |

New Highs Imminent


The chop shop environment I envisioned for the stock market put on a head of steam at last week’s FOMC announcement.
And it’s been higher ever since with the Dow Jones Industrials, S&P 500, New York Composite, and very likely the NASDAQ Composite on the verge of eeking out new, all-time highs.



In recent days I have slightly modified my view of the market geometry. Up until recently, I had thought February 25 marked the high point – the crest – in the latest 39.8 trading day cycle series. But now I’m more-inclined to believe that high is yet to come. Early next week, we should have both the Dow and the S&P bumping up against the upper pattern boundaries of their rising 1 X 1 channels. That contact has typically fostered resistance in the past. But for the S&P, we have that index approaching the 2,125 level – a major price octave and probable resistance. I’m inclined to believe we should see a push to new highs early next week with a stall-out by Tuesday or Wednesday. From that March 24 high (+/- a day or two), I look for a short – but sharp – selloff into the April 6 time period marking the next trading cycle low. From that “April 6 low,” I expect one final ramp-up into about May 13 to seal the deal on this bull market. But remain flexible…

Treasury Bonds / Yield


Since marking the latest 84.3 trading day cycle pivot, the TYX (yield on the 30 year bond) has pulled back to about mid-range of its most-recent low-high swing. I’d be surprised if we were to see the 30 year yield fall much further. I look for continued back-and-fill right in here, with a bounce near-term back to the 20 day moving average.

 Precious Metals

Daily Comex Gold 3-23-15_1.jpg

Gold prices have recoiled back from their most recent oversold condition to tag the 20 day moving average – still in a downtrend. I don’t see any meaningful advance until that important indicator of trend has flattened-out and turned back upward. That process will take some time. Accordingly, I would expect precious metals prices to back off from here in an attempt to find some stabilizing floor of support. I still would like to see 1,250 tagged one more time before re-issuing my BEARISH advisory on the precious metals.






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